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And Then There Was Paper

It’s tax weekend, and if you’re like most Americans you’re madly rushing to get your forms (or extensions) filed. Of course, if you’re not American, you’ll have to deal with taxes sooner or later anyway. In either case, chances are you’ll hit the end of your weekend and be forced from the gorgeous spring weather to the inside of an office, or a warehouse, or a truck–and that’s when you’ll really need a bit of a vacation.

As your fantasy travel agent, allow me to offer you a guided tour of the San Francisco Bay Area like you’ve never seen it before: through the eyes of detective Clarke Lantham, sentenced to the hell of the suburbs in his quest to find a missing teenage girl. For the first time in paperback from AWP Mystery comes And Then She Was Gone, the adventure described by Gail Carriger as “full of snappy one-liners I’m dying to quote” and by Seth Harwood as “a mystery so dark and complex that you could lose a molar biting into it.”

Now available from AWP Mystery in paperback, And Then She Was Gone is a tense, funny, action packed adventure that sticks its fingers just under edge in order to flip it over. The handsome new edition rings in at 214 pages contains the full text of the ebook edition, plus a map detailing the geography that plays such an integral role in the story, along with a sample of the second Clarke Lantham novel, A Ghostly Christmas Present.

Now, it’s true that you can buy the novel at Amazon now, and you’ll be able to find it in bookstores this fall, but for you loyal folk that read my blog, it’s available for a special rate. Until May 15, buy your copy by clicking here and using the coupon code Q38WV4AS, and you’ll receive $1.50 off the $9.99 cover price.

Finally, for those of you who run vending booths at conventions (or who work in bookstores) and would like to carry And Then She Was Gone, shoot me an email from the Contact Form and I will send you the AWP Books wholesale pricing schedule.

I’ll see you between the pages!

About the author

After a childhood in academia, J. Daniel Sawyer declared his independence by dropping out of high school and setting off on a series of adventures in the bowels of the film industry, the venture capital culture of silicon valley, surfing safaris, bohemians, burners, historians, theologians, adventurers, climbers, drug dealers, gangbangers, and inventors before his past finally caught up to him.

Trapped in a world bookended by one wall falling in Berlin and other walls going up around suburbia and along national borders throughout the world, he rediscovered his deep love of history and, with it, and obsession with predicting the future as it grew aggressively out of the past.

To date, this obsession has yielded over thirty books and innumerable short stories, the occasional short film, nearly a dozen podcasts stretching over a decade and a half, and a career creating novels and audiobooks exploring the world through the lens of his own peculiar madness, in the depths of his own private forest in a rural exile, where he uses the quiet to write, walk on the beach, and manage a production company that brings innovative stories to the ears of audiences across the world.
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  1. Hello !

    I began listening to you backwards. 😉 Down from Ten was the first drama I listened too… and I loved it ! Listened to it 3 times in fact…

    I just finished listening to Predestination. Ok now I know I am a DJ Sawyer addict. 😉

    I was hoping to meet you at Balticon and buy some paperbacks but your name doesn’t appear in the guests list… I make my local english bookstore order books for me : how do I proceed to have yours added to their list of available books ? Do you have a distributor ?

    Thanks for the info and keep on going : you’re a genius ! lol

  2. Lucie–

    Welcome to my madness! I’m glad you enjoy it, and hope you stick around for all the stuff coming up!

    Alas, I won’t be at Balticon this year. I’m planning on attending next year, however.

    As to getting my books into your bookstore, if you can email me (use the contact page, or use the email address at the end of each podcast episode) their name and address, I can have a catalog sent out to them ASAP so they’ll be able to order the book at proper discount rates and turn a good profit on them.

    Stay tuned for more–and welcome once again 🙂

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