So, a little while ago I said that Free Will was on production hiatus while I resolved some personal emergencies. Those emergencies related to a sudden lack-of-house situation I found myself in. Well, just as there was suddenly no house, there is now once again suddenly a house. This means that Free Will recording *will* resume before the end of the year (glory be!) as will writing of various things, including the new Lantham and new Antithesis books.

But that’s not all that happened this week. This week also saw the first BASES jump, as opposed to BASE jump. For those who don’t know, BASE stands for Bridges Antennae Spans and Earth, and the basic idea is that you jump off these things and try to open your parachute before you go splatzo.

Now, for a BASES jump, you can blame me (who just invented the term out of whole cloth) and Felix Baumgartner, the crazy son of a bitch who did the first–and so far, coolest–BASES jump in history. The first four letters in BASES stand for the same things that they do in BASE. The last letter, of course, stands for Space.

That’s right. Dude jumped from Space. Just for the fun of it. Cause that’s the kind of crazy stuff our lovely twisted gorgeous little monkey brains think up to do when we get too old to get away with climbing trees in the public park.

I’ve got a special place in my heart for maniacs like this, because it’s maniacs like this that are going to ensure the survival of the human race. People who are too easily bored to stay rooted to Earth are going to make sure that our descendents will outlast the sun, which is the reason that, earlier this year, I released Suave Rob’s Double-X Derring-Do, a story about a guy like this space-jumping dude who, because he’s a few hundred years in the future, decides to surf a supernova. Just cause he’s bored. I wrote it because our world needs more bloody-minded adrenaline-junkies with lots of spare creativity. And I wrote it because I thought “Damn, it would be cool if some day people were really doing space-dives and asteroid-jumping and supernova-surfing.”

Then this happened:

One down. Three to go. What a week!

Watch for a character in an upcoming book named in honor of Felix Baumgartner. Cheers!


  1. Depends on who sees you, what kind of gun they carry, and how serious they are about the relationship that handcuffs bear to signs that say “no tresspassing.”


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