Suave Rob in Paperback!

Well, ladies and gents and all of you sitting somewhere in between, it gives me ridiculous delight to announce that my pulp adventure novel is finally out in paperback.

Suave Rob’s Double-X Derring-Do, a Short Novel of Long Odds.

One Surfboard. Two X-Chromosomes. All Man.

Climbing Olympus Mons put him on the map, winning a gold medal in asteroid jumping got him great press, and children everywhere tune into watch every time he skydives from a space station, but Suave Rob Suarez is just getting started. Together with his childhood hero and his stunt partner, he’s gonna stage the biggest daredevil stunt the universe has ever seen:

Surf a supernova…

Or die trying.

The author of The Antithesis Progression brings you a short novel of long odds.

Alasdair Stuart of SFX says: “Sawyer brings back epic, old-school science fiction, and does so with the elegance, wit, and subversion he’s known for. Essential.”

Find out what the fuss is about. Read a sample now here.

Or get it as an ebook for as an ebook for Kindle, Nook, iPad, and all other readers.

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