Gail Carriger’s Crudrat!

I’ve lucked into the rare opportunity to produce the full-cast audiobook of Gail Carriger’s science fiction debut. Danny Schade is on board, as is a lot of the regular crew, and we’ve got big plans for this little book.

It’s a splendid book, too. You can read an interview with Gail and I both talking about it over at YA Interrobang

And, for this special occasion, I teamed up with Veronica Giguere, Dave Robison, Kitty NicIaian, Gail Carriger, Danny Schade, and a cartoon version of Nathan Lowell to bring you this video feature, which explains everything!

So check out the kickstarter page to read about our rewards and listen to a sample chapter of Crudrat, then join us in making this splendid project a reality!

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    RT @dsawyer: New Abomination: Gail Carriger’s Crudrat!

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    RT @dsawyer: New Abomination: Gail Carriger’s Crudrat!

  3. dsawyer

    @Lisa107b welcome back, btw, haven’t seen you around in a while. Have you seen the new mischief I’m up to?

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    @dsawyer Yes, there has been a few timetable changes at work so I’ve not been on as often. Yes, I saw that, you two have been busy bees ;)