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Holidays, Updates, Hints, and Treats

Hello, everyone!

A quick update to let you all know that I’m alive and (finally) well. A nasty cold took me out of commission for a week, which meant that it took another week and a half to catch up on all the stuff I fell behind on during the week I wasn’t able to work.

That means that some of you didn’t get scripts for Crudrat, or audio lines for readings, and the rest of you didn’t get a newsletter that was due out, or two podcasts that were similarly due (one Free Will, one Next 10k). For that, I can do nothing but humbly apologize, throw myself on your mercy, and beg your forgiveness. Either that or dress up as a clown and haunt your nightmares…

During that time, Schadey also suffered a computer glitch which delayed music tracks for Free Will ep05. That also is now corrected, and I have the tracks here in my grubby little hands.

Meantime, work here at AWP continues apace, with the construction of a new computer-controlled animation workstation (for photographed stop-motion and doodle art work), editing on Crudrat, editing on Free Will, proof fixes for Lantham 5, writing on a new Young Adult adventure novel called The Auto Motive, and editing and artwork for a short motivational book called Lessons From Bond–all projects you’ll hear more about in the very near future.

On the next The Next 10k (and on the blog) we’ll be announcing some Christmas goodies where the Lantham universe is concerned, and I’m contemplating putting together another special Christmas audio episode, so if there are any classic winter short stories or poems you’d like to hear me defile, drop me a note or leave a comment, and I’ll include it in my deliberations.

I hope those of you in the states have a marvelous Thanksgiving, and those of you overseas have a great weekend. Thank you very much for your patience–I’ll definitely make it worth your while 😉
All the best

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Trapped in a world bookended by one wall falling in Berlin and other walls going up around suburbia and along national borders throughout the world, he rediscovered his deep love of history and, with it, and obsession with predicting the future as it grew aggressively out of the past.

To date, this obsession has yielded over thirty books and innumerable short stories, the occasional short film, nearly a dozen podcasts stretching over a decade and a half, and a career creating novels and audiobooks exploring the world through the lens of his own peculiar madness, in the depths of his own private forest in a rural exile, where he uses the quiet to write, walk on the beach, and manage a production company that brings innovative stories to the ears of audiences across the world.
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