Please excuse the tardiness of the post. I wound up wrestling with plot threads last night and only hit a groove after I was very, very tired, and I essentially fell asleep at my keyboard.

Now I’m awake, and bringing you the chronicle, time-shift style.

The characters have hijacked the story. Entirely. I now have almost no idea where this thing is going. Occasionally, I reach over into the bin of material I already wrote, and those days result in low net word counts, because I’m taking a scene that was written with another context in mind and retooling it for the existing storylines.

My subsconscious obviously knew what it as up to, since so many of these scenes are working perfectly in their new digs, but repainting the set where they’re taking place is a different kind of work, and it feels much more like work than does just writing from scracth.

Odd, that. I can remember a time where I didn’t have the confidence to write a book like this without a lot of scaffolding.

Anyway, I clocked another modest net gain today of just over a thousand words.
Starting word count: 37,543
Ending word count: 38,638

38,638 / 120000 words


  1. How do the changes fit within your structure? Do you find it’s gone off the rails entirely or does what’s happening with the characters still fit within your “jazz” structure outline? Is it too early to tell?

    Noble Bear
    1. Well, I’m definitely playing jazz, but it’s a much wilder form than before. One particular character escaped certain death and is heading towards being a major disruptor in what I had planned.

      At this point, I’m just letting go of the plan. There are five or six things that still have to happen in order for the series to fit continuity with the Suave Rob books and The Resurrection Junket, but those shouldn’t be too difficult to hit even with the great disruptions.


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