Blogging Antithesis: Day 27

I was awoken today after only

The Puppy of Doom

This is about what it looks like.

four hours of sleep by a cold nose in my face. The Puppy of Doom was very happy to see me, and very happy to be back from her morning run on the beach with She Who Must Not Be Named, and VERY happy to get to snuggle down into my bed and nap for a couple more hours.

Unfortunately, the weather here is gorgeous right now, and once I was awake and the bright sun was blasting through my window, and the high surf was crashing outside it like a Siren calling Come to us, Dan! Bring your surfboard and come!, while not listening to my groggy protestations that I don’t currently own a surf board.

First shift, I read over what I wrote last night and made some notes to myself.

Second shift, I collected my notes for the next block of NaNocast episodes. Looks like I’ve got enough for a big block this time–I start recording them tomorrow.

Then it was out to the beach with another local scribner, and the two of us spent a couple hours running the pup and chasing agates–got some nice ones too.

Third shift it was back home for an AWP board meeting, tackling scheduling for priorities the next couple weeks.

Fourth shift, I hopped over to a mixer in town with a bunch of other authors to talk business and compare notes and catch up with friends.

Then, around midnight, I headed home and got this post started. As I write this the spirit is willing to dive in to writing, but fatigue has got every muscle in my body screaming out in pain–one of the side effects of having only four hours of sleep last night.

Well, I had one chapter started, so I decided to give it a go and see what I could knock out. I made a little progress, but not enough worth updating the word count over.

So, I’m going to make an early night of it, and take another run at this tomorrow.

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