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Dan resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and is available for local appearances at conventions, or for longer-distance appearances depending on the circumstances. He is an experienced public speaker and debater with expertise in subjects including:

podcasting, open source media production, Linux for the end user, audio/video engineering, ancient and post-enlightenment history, directing, philosophy, and world religions.

He is happy to answer reader and listener questions, and is available for consulting and voice over work on a professional basis. See the Services page for details. Please feel free to use any of the following contact methods:

Twitter: dsawyer
Skype: polyschiz

Or send me an email with this handy-dandy contact form:


  1. Dan,
    Please let me know when you get your artwork. I put the promo in the blog roll but they seriously get more attention if there is art.

  2. Hello,

    You’ve probably seen my previous email when I just heard the first episode of Sculpting God. Right now I’m at the end if (I think) episode 9. At the beginning of the episode, I was just beg waiting my favourite character from Man in the rain was. Great timing there. 🙂

    I find Antithesis appealing and I’m planning to continue listening. I’m subscribed to quite a number of pod-casts, but this one is definitively one of the high-priority list on my listening schedule.

    You didn’t even need 4 episodes to catch my attention. I was playing the second episode directly after the first started. I found the poker games were a very interesting element of the first few episodes. An interesting notion, I’m the world worst poker playing and I hate watching poker games on TV. I’m hoping to see a bit of that action happening again.

    I’ve also listened to an episode or two of Apologia. Still a big list in my queue, but I’m getting there. You can add a Dutchman to your listener list. I think there’s also another Dutchman listening, but I am not sure.

    A question I would like to ask you is, why is this licensed under a no-derivative license? I’m just wondering about the reasoning behind it. In extension to that reasoning, would burning it to a CD for someone. Or transcoding it to ogg vorbis format for storage purposes, or recoding it for another lisening device be considered derivatives?

    Technically the integrity of the recording would be fine in lossless formats, but it is still a derivative. There’s something extra to be said of lossy formats, because it actually changes the representation of the original recording.

    Apart from it being considered it is a derivative; would you mind such conversions to be done and having these distributed? I don’t have any clear-cut ideas yet, but given transcoding audio and video is sort-of my hobby; I’m pretty sure I find such an use for it later.

    Kind regards,

    Nido Media

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  4. Dan, Your post in the Linux Journal states that Skype 64 bit isn’t available for Linux.

    It’s available NOW.


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