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Philosophy, Religion, and Critical Thinking

The Infidelguy Show

March 2006
Curious Minds Podcast

Episode #1

      , Nov. 2007

Episode #4

    , Jan 2008

The Reason-Driven Podcast

Episode #8: God: Created For Our Pleasure?

      Dec 2007

Episode #13: Worship that Creates God

      , Jan 2008

Episode #26: Satan's Sunday School

    , June 2008

Tech and Geek

Brass Needles: Knitting and Sci-Fi

Show Promo
Races in Spaces!

      DS:9 and racial politics, Nov 2009

Science Fiction and Life

      , Oct 2010

B5 Watchthrough: Season 1 Recap, Sept 2012

Going Linux

Episode #14
Episode #46: Setting up a Linux Media Studio

    , Oct 2008

The Linux Links Tech Show

November 21, 2008
Writing: Business and Craft

The Roundtable Podcast

20 Minutes with J. Daniel Sawyer

      , March 2012

Workshop Episode 1

      , March 2012

20 More Minutes with J. Daniel Sawyer

      , March 2013

First Anniversary Episode, Part II

    , March 2013

Fullcast Podcast

Episode 2

      , April 2010

Episode 3

      , May 2010

Episode 27

    , June 2011

I Should Be Writing

Triple Threat Interview

      , November 2009

Writing Fast Roundtable Discussion

    , Feb 2011


The Man In The Hat

    , Dec 2009

The Creative Penn

How to Produce and Distribute Audiobooks,

      March 2013

Writing Tips: Guns, Bullets, and Shooting

      March 2012

Podcast Tips for Sci-fi and Fantasy Authors

    Nov 2009

Get Published

The Writing Adventures of J. Daniel Sawyer

    , Nov 2010

Geek Out With Mainframe

Interview with J. Daniel Sawyer, Part 1

      , March 2011

Interview with J. Daniel Sawyer, Part 2

    , March 2011

This Week In Books

Episode 19
The Dead Robot's Society

Epiosde 79, Predestination and Science Fiction

      , April 2009

Episode 90: Character Development

      , July 2009

Special Episode: J.C. Hutchins and J. Daniel Sawyer Speak Out

      , May 2010

Episode 130: Getting Professional

      , May 2010

Episode 177: Caveat Scriptor

      , June 2011

Episode 218: The Way Of The Gun

      , April 2012

Episode 229: Being Good at Being Bad

      , June 2012

Episode 264: Making Tracks

    , March 2013

Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing

Podcasting and Indie Authorship

    , April 2012

The Way of the Buffalo

Creativity, Favorite Books, and Writing

    , Aug 2011

Geek Cred

Episode 31, Predestination

    , March 2009


Podioracket July 2009, Predestination

      , Sept 2007

Podiracket BlogTalk Radio June 2009, Predestination

      , June 2009

And Then She Was Gone

    , Oct 2010

The Seekrit Project

Writing Mysteries and Science Fiction

    , May 2012

Christiana Ellis's Nina Kimberly Companion Cast

episode 6A
Wander Radio

Talking Predestination
Triple Threat Show


Philippa Ballantine's Weather Child

Episode 13

      as The Doctor

Episode 15

    as The Doctor

Philippa Ballantine's Erotica A La Carte

Dreams of Steam and Sparks

      as Nicolo Tesla

Buried Alive In The Blues

    as Paris

Abigail Hilton's Cowry Catchers, Book 2

Episode 1

      as Basil

Episode 2

      as Basil

Episode 3

      as Basil

Episode 4

      as Basil

Episode 5

      as Basil

Episode 7

      as Basil

Episode 8

      as Basil

Episode 9

      as Basil

Episode 10

      as Basil

Episode 11

      as Basil

Episode 12

      as Basil

Episode 13

    as Basil

Abigail Hilton's Cowry Catchers, Book 4

Episode 4

      as Basil

Episode 5

      as Basil

Episode 6

      as Basil

Episode 7

    as Basil

Nobilis Erotica

Nobilis Erotica episode Remittance Girl

      as Narrator/Charon

Nobilis Erotica episode Invisible

    as Oscar

Chris Lester's Metamor City: Making The Cut

Episode 37

      as Isaac

Episode 38

    as Security Guard

Justin Macumber's Dark Running as Russian Soldier
Justin Macumber's Pirates of the Crimson Sand: An Audio Adventure as Braka

Tidbits and Guest Spots:
Metamor City Feedback Shows
I am a regular guest on Chris Lester's Metamor City feedback shows. Like my own Dealing In shows, these tend to turn into a strange hybrid of improv comedy and philosophical salon - if you like my work on Apologia, imagine that with a healthy dose of alcohol and shennanigans. Not for the faint of heart -- but lots of fun!
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Brass Needles Various Bumpers

Seth Harwood's Jack Palms 3, episode 8: The Story So Far

Scott Sigler's Nocturnal, episode 26: The Story So Far

Phillpa Ballantine's Chasing the Bard, episode 18: The Story So Far

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