Balticon, Suave Rob, Crudrat, and Free Will

Contrary to rumors that have been floating around, I did not, in fact, get swallowed by a giant monster crab under the streets of Baltimore at Balticon. I did, however, have a brilliant time, and the summer has flown by so fast and so packed that I haven’t even posted… Continue reading

New Story in Escape Pod

Last April, Mur Lafferty was the subject of a fan-driven firestorm around at Escape Pod. The prevalence of lesbians in her magazine was raising a few eyebrows among both people who don’t like lesbians and people who wanted to see more gay men. As is the case with Internet controversies,… Continue reading

Buried Alive in an Ebook

Buried Alive In The Blues, the apocalyptic fantasy I wrote for Philippa Ballantine’s Erotica A La Carte, is now available as a standalone ebook from all your favorite venues. The end isn’t near, it’s here. Irene, recently widowed, knows the Earth is drowning, and all she wants is one last… Continue reading

“Apocalypse Sex” Now Available

[amazon-product align=”right” bgcolor=”#99CCCC” height=”240″ width=”120″ frameborder=”1″]B003QP4F0W[/amazon-product] Circlet Press’s new anthology, Apocalypse Sex, is now available on Amazon and Smashwords. It contains a new and improved version my novelette Buried Alive In The Blues, which some of you may remember from its appearance on Erotica A La Carte last year. Now… Continue reading

The Great Ass-Moving Experiment

As a writer, like most writers, I have one giant terror point. For some people it’s the writing. For some people it’s showing your work to friends, or to strangers. For some people it’s marketing in general. For me, it’s marketing fiction to editors. I don’t have a problem with… Continue reading

Minor Milestones

[amazon-product align=”right” bgcolor=”#99CCCC” height=”240″ width=”120″ frameborder=”1″]189749209X[/amazon-product] These are the milestones which I know, from experience, will seem piddly small in retrospect, but for me at the moment they represent surmounting a ridgeline and seeing the valley beyond. The valley might be filled with swamps, marshes, and tangles under the trees,… Continue reading

The Pod Complex

[amazon-product align=”right” bgcolor=”#99CCCC” height=”240″ width=”120″ frameborder=”1″]189749209X[/amazon-product]It may be a minor thing in retrospect, but today it’s tickling my socks off. My first fiction print sales are now available from Amazon. The Pod Complex is an anthology of the best stories from the podosphere in genres ranging from mystery to horror… Continue reading

Buried Alive in an Anthology

I am pleased to report that the story I originally wrote for Philippa Ballantine‘s podcast project Erotica a la Carte has just sold to Circlet Press, and will be included in their forthcoming anthology Apocalypse Sex. Buried Alive In The Blues is the story of Irene, a widow who finds… Continue reading