All-Purpose Excellent Salsa

Okay, you guys asked for it. To go with the taco meat, here’s the salsa recipe: 5 or 6 Roma Tomatoes, diced 1 fresh jalepeno, minced 1 Poblano pepper (a milder chili with a different kind of flavor than the jalepeno–sometimes marketed incorrectly as “pasilla” which is why I’ve linked… Continue reading

Taco Seasoning Recipe

It’s no coincidence that food shows up frequently in my books, and often in a starring role. Cooking is one of my passions. Every once in a while I share a recipe on this blog, usually in response to someone asking for it. That time has come again. Continue reading

Gyros From Scratch

Today, I bring you a break from your regularly scheduled business and cultural snark to present you with one of my other favorite hobbies: Cooking As you might be able to tell from my stories, I love to cook. Cooking is responsible for many of the relationships I have had… Continue reading