Balticon, Suave Rob, Crudrat, and Free Will

Contrary to rumors that have been floating around, I did not, in fact, get swallowed by a giant monster crab under the streets of Baltimore at Balticon. I did, however, have a brilliant time, and the summer has flown by so fast and so packed that I haven’t even posted… Continue reading

I *Will* Be at Nova Albion

Despite a complete lack of exertion on my part (due mainly to being so busy I forgot to send in the programming survey), I will indeed be at the Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition. My lone panel is on publishing at 1pm on Sunday the 28th, though I may get slotted… Continue reading

Your Photos Will Send Me To Balticon

Note: Due to extenuating circumstances, I will not be able to make Balticon after all this year. The offer is withdrawn, all of you who were kind enough to order a session have received refunds. Hopefully next year! I’ve now missed two straight Balticons, much to the chagrin of many… Continue reading

When Plans Change…

I hate bad news–I actually hate giving it more than I hate receiving it. Unfortunately, in this case, I’ve received some bad news that means I have to give some bad news. Continue reading

WorldCon report, part 2

Continuing from the previous post… By mid-day Friday I had my bearings a lot better. We managed to locate some decent casino food–if your only experience with casinos is looking at the advertisements on billboards and the decadent meals there pictured, trust me, this is not as easy as it… Continue reading

WorldCon Report, part 1

Well, I’ve just returned from my first Worldcon–this one was in Reno, called “Renovation” by its pun-hungry organizers (and who can blame them, really?). What a different experience from other cons, on many levels. Continue reading

The Balticon Adventure pt 5: Pontification, Panels, and Parties

Well, I suppose I’ve put it off long enough. The summer since Balticon has been packed to the gills with activity. Lots of writing, lots of strategizing. I don’t think I’ve read as much in one summer in at least a decade, and I’ve written 150k words and still going—might… Continue reading

The Balticon Adventure pt 4

The Saga Of The Hat At this point in the narrative, I’m forced to chose between one of two roads. I could go along the chronology, skipping the boring and blackmail-worthy parts along the way, or I could chose a theme and tell its story…or I could jump back and… Continue reading

The Balticon Adventure pt 3

Scuba Gear I normally travel with carry-on baggage only, but it’s not because by the end of a plane ride there’s nothing that gives me greater relief from coach seat-cramp syndrome and DVT than sitting down in another small seat in a moving vehicle. Nor is it that the prospect… Continue reading

The Balticon Adventure pt 2

Air Trek I’ve often suspected that “JetBlue” is so named because of the color your legs turn in coach. Turns out that, like so many other things in the universe, I was completely wrong. They had more leg room than I’ve experienced on any flight in years – so much… Continue reading