The Future Snuck In The Back Door

If you’re not the kind of obsessive geek I am, you might have missed that yesterday the first major accomplishment in de novo life extension through gene therapy got published. This project has been going on for a while, but up until yesterday, all therapies and attempted engineering have either… Continue reading

It’s Drive Time

A bit of fun news. My co-author on Throwing Lead, Mary Mason, and I had so much fun doing Throwing Lead that we’re starting work on our next Writer’s Guide. After much discussion over whether to start straight in with Throwing Lead 2 or to get on with another one… Continue reading

Review: Dodge Charger

One of the side effects of having a little sports car is that there are some times when you need something different. Maybe you’ve got to take your collection of old computers to the surplus store, or help a friend move their piano. Me? I had to go to Reno,… Continue reading