Balticon, Suave Rob, Crudrat, and Free Will

Contrary to rumors that have been floating around, I did not, in fact, get swallowed by a giant monster crab under the streets of Baltimore at Balticon. I did, however, have a brilliant time, and the summer has flown by so fast and so packed that I haven’t even posted… Continue reading

Free Will and The Next 10k

Hey everyone– Quick update for you regarding the podcasts and where the hell I’ve been. Short version: Crudrat ate my life. Some projects, by dint of luck, show you all the cracks in the structure of your operation, and Crudrat has done that to AWP. Almost everything that could go… Continue reading

Dealing In, Episode 11

Download Subscribe Welcome to the First of the Free Will/Next Ten Thousand Hours Feedback shows! This one is episode eleven of the Dealing In series of feedback shows, where I and several friends answer your emails and talk about whatever comes up. This time, I’m joined by Metamor City creator… Continue reading

Holidays, Updates, Hints, and Treats

Hello, everyone! A quick update to let you all know that I’m alive and (finally) well. A nasty cold took me out of commission for a week, which meant that it took another week and a half to catch up on all the stuff I fell behind on during the… Continue reading

Free Will returns–and more!

Three years of questions. Three years of emails. Three years of all of you asking “When is Free Will coming back?” The answer is… Next Thursday. The first episode in the Free Will reboot will drop next Thursday. It’s been a long road, but we’re finally back. And it’s not… Continue reading

Most Feeds Working

Okay, ladies and germs and those who prefer neither label, I’ve got the RSS feeds working for the Uberfeed, Down From Ten, and The Antithesis Progression. Sculpting God and Reprobates are waiting on website migration (a couple months away at least, which is why I’ve included all of them in… Continue reading

Uberfeed Back Up

Well, I’m finally getting the podcast feeds whipped into shape. As of right now the Uberfeed RSS link is back up. Haven’t been able to fix the novel-specific feeds yet, but when I do I’ll then work on getting the iTunes feeds restored. More as it develops… Continue reading

What is a Full-Cast Audiobook?

The Parsec committee is currently soliciting opinions on the definition of Full Cast Audiobooks in order to see whether it would be practical to add another category–and, if it is, what would the definition be? The following was my response to the committee. If this is something that interests you,… Continue reading

Literary Abominations Newsletter

The time has come. There’s too much going on not to have a mailing list and a newsletter, so I’ve taken the plunge. Newsletter readers will get quarterly (and sometimes more-than) updates and general goofiness from me delivered directly to their email boxes. Two weeks later, an edited version of… Continue reading

Parsec Committee: Recognize Full-Cast

The following is the text of an email I sent this evening to the Parsec Awards Committee. If you agree, please chime in in the comments. Dear Committee– A couple years ago, the categories surround podcast novels were modified so that single reader podcast novels were given their own category,… Continue reading