New Year, New Productions

There will be a new newsletter out shortly after the new year, but as we’re winding down this year I wanted to take a moment out and give you all a wave and huge thanks. 2011 has been a remarkably productive year, and the last four days are going to… Continue reading

Link Salad, Jan 10, 2011

It’s mid January, and time for your vegetables. This year’s first link salad is here–I hope you enjoy this sampling of my weidrness and wanderings from around the web! Continue reading

Love, Sex, and Philosophy: Apologia double-header

Apologia, the semi-weekly Mclachlan Group-style ethics and philosophy roundtable that I participate in, returns today with two episodes recorded over the last month. The first is a lively discussion between the secular folks in the group about the ethics of love, sex, and marriage. We cover polyamory, bestiality, incest, divorce,… Continue reading

Lets talk about Sex!

Why is “Sex” capitalized in the title? Well, because it’s so much fun – and scares the hell out of so many people. The latest episode of Apologia features your humble narrator going toe-to-toe with one of my friendly neighborhood evangelicals, Apologia’s own Kevin Harris, on the topic of sexual… Continue reading

New Apologia Episode

In a shocking turn of events, the Apologia crowd has posted a new episode, this one talking about the value and the pitfalls of skepticism. Take the opportunity to dirty your mind with this disgusting piece of friendly dialogue. Scarcely suitable for the net, I know, and your humble narrator… Continue reading