Lantham Holiday Bundle

**Cue the cheesy elevator music** Ladies, Gentlemen, and Everyone Else Too: Shopping for your mother or brother or daughter or husband or pet parakeet or sworn enemy this year? Torn between the latest in thermonuclear weaponry or that nifty auto-roasting coffee maker, between Fifty Shades and Tarantino and wholesome family… Continue reading

Autographed Paperbacks and Posters

Many of you have been asking how to get autographed paperbacks now that I’m not going to Balticon (or, let’s face it, any cons) this year. Well, I’ve crunched the numbers and discovered that I can get you autographed books for the same price you’d get them on Amazon (with… Continue reading

UPS Loves Me

This one’s artwork heavy, so I’m putting the “get more” link right at the top so it doesn’t take over the main blog page. Click on it, check out the coolness 🙂 Continue reading

Predestination Posters update

Hellooooo everyone. The posters are due to arrive at lovely ArtisticWhispers Studios on or about June 15, at which point we will start signing and numbering and sending them out. At that time, they will be available for immediate purchase here and at other fun places around the web. Those… Continue reading