Clarke Lantham: A Ghostly Christmas Present

The new Clarke Lantham Mystery is here. Explore the true meaning of Christmas with murder, mayhem, ghosts, and unfortunate accidents of physics! It’s hard to beat being thrown in an out-of-state jail on a trumped up charge as a Christmas present, but detective Clarke Lantham loves a challenge. So when… Continue reading

Link Salad, Dec. 3, 2010

Time for your vegetables again. Here’s some of the fun stuff that’s flitted across my desk in the last few weeks. Crazy Silly Creative Things To start off with our garnish, you could do no better than watching this 3 minute video about what Welshmen really do with sheep. Don’t… Continue reading

Cons: Are They Worth It?

The question came up on Twitter today: Are cons worth the time and money? Opinionated though I am, it’s not an easy question to answer. So here’s a quickie list of the pros and cons garnered from a scarce four years of con-going experience: Continue reading

Sawyer’s First Law

If 2007 was the year I got serious about writing, then 2010 was the year when attitude and education caught up with intent. Think of it as the difference between declaring a major (2007) and doing your first internship in a Ph.D. program (2010). Up till this year, I did… Continue reading

The Deadly Hunter

The friends I stayed with in Portland had a cat who knew her business. She was a bona-fide, go-get-um, get-in-my-way-and-you’re-dead mouse hunter. Fortunately,* I caught her in the act: Continue reading

Now Available: Lilith

This story is now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. One of my favorite stories in all of mythology is the Talmudic story of Lilith. The insight it gives into the development of Judaism, of Hebrew mythology and culture, and its naked and impossible-to-talk-around display of preclassical sexual… Continue reading

Link Salad 11/18/10

I’m on the road, writing short stories and a little on the novels, and exploring the murky rainy depths of the Pacific Northwest. But it’s hard to get the hang of Thursdays, which is why they’re salad days. Neither fabulous restaurants, nor rain nor bad traffic nor dark of overcast… Continue reading

Buried Alive in an Ebook

Buried Alive In The Blues, the apocalyptic fantasy I wrote for Philippa Ballantine’s Erotica A La Carte, is now available as a standalone ebook from all your favorite venues. The end isn’t near, it’s here. Irene, recently widowed, knows the Earth is drowning, and all she wants is one last… Continue reading

Live, from Portland

Portland in the fog has all the charm and beauty of Los Angeles of 2029 in Blade Runner, but without quaint charm of suffocating corporatism. Instead, it defaults to a decidedly more Stalinist aesthetic: gray and oppressive during the day, moody and hazy at night. It’s skyline is punctuated by… Continue reading

The Detective is In

The City that Never Sleeps… …Needs a Detective With Insomnia The first volume in the new Clarke Lantham Mysteries is now available at all your favorite online book retailers, in all ebook formats. This is the beginning of a year-long experiment with ebooks and other maverick content delivery techniques, and… Continue reading