Blogging Antithesis: Day 65-68

Oh, man, what a difference a few days can make! Shortly after my most recent post, I went into a bit of a tail spin over one of the issues that has tripped me up time and again with this book, and this series. By way of background: I initially… Continue reading

Blogging Antithesis: Day 54-64

June is here! Summer has brought wonderfulness! An end to writer’s block! An end to the endless irritation that seems to saturate May every year! First item of news, which I’ll have a proper announcement about tomorrow, is that I’m in a new book bundle. The theme of the bundle… Continue reading

Blogging Antithesis: Day 40-53

Oi. Well, May is shaping up to be kind of a shit show. Personal crap is keeping me away from the keyboard most of the time, which is making me go stir crazy. Add to that a lot of client work (which does pay the rent, so I can’t complain… Continue reading

Blogging Antithesis: Day 39

Things are back in full swing here. The day was packed, end-to-end, with lovely, lovely work. First shift for me actually started out with trying to get the pup worn out. I got about three miles of walking in, which is less than I’ve gotten accustomed to but was just… Continue reading

Blogging Antithesis: Day 32-38

Sigh Sometimes, self discipline is a bitch. Life has weeks where it throws one thing after another at you, and it’s too easy to just piss and moan about it, which is why I disappeared for the last few days. Last Wednesday I got thrown off my beam by a… Continue reading

Blogging Antithesis: Day 31

Well, whatever I’ve been fighting the last week has cleared up. Be it virus or allergy or circadian dysregulation (which is fancy I-spent-too-much-time-in-a-psych-program talk for “jet lag”), I kicked it. Which meant I actually got out for my walks today–both of them–which left me wobbly after being off the beam… Continue reading

Blogging Antithesis: Day 30

Gorgeous day today. I mean, just look at that sunset! Still fighting the fatigue today. Woke up with inflamed eyes, so something is definitely up that goes beyond poor sunlight regulation (on the upside, the dark room last night meant I slept a lot better–go me!). On the upside, I… Continue reading

Blogging Antithesis: Day 29

The fatigue persists. I am now convinced that the good weather is screwing with my sleep cycle. I’m going to sleep in another room tonight, one that doesn’t get direct sunlight in the morning, to confirm my theory. Had an excellent day regardless. Spent one shift working on network infrastructure–we… Continue reading

Blogging Antithesis: Day 28

Another long day today, and a very good day. Spring cleaning dominated the morning and afternoon. A severe winter that kept the house locked up meant that a lot more dust and grime built up in the quiet corners than usual, so that took a bit of elbow grease and… Continue reading

Blogging Antithesis: Day 27

I was awoken today after only four hours of sleep by a cold nose in my face. The Puppy of Doom was very happy to see me, and very happy to be back from her morning run on the beach with She Who Must Not Be Named, and VERY happy… Continue reading