These Words Don’t Hurt

I posted the other day about writing through a nasty injury to my hand, and how every word hurt to type, but not as much as it hurt to not write. Well, that state of affairs didn’t last long. After a day of solid work, the bruised, abused, and atrophied… Continue reading

Tinker, Tailor, Topple, Die

So, you want to make your work–book, movie, sculpture, whatever–perfect, don’t you? You want it to shine. And you’re going to polish it, rewrite it, re-imagine it, and retcon it every chance you get? Or maybe you just can’t resist adding those few last-minute flourishes? Well, you’re in good company.… Continue reading

Tracking Progress

A new year. Time for resolutions, right? Right. Except that a few years back I resolved to no longer make resolutions. Ironically, it’s one of the few I ever wound up keeping. Instead, I use this wonderfully arbitrary and booze-infused time of year to make plans. Because, really, is there… Continue reading

The Great Ass-Moving Experiment

As a writer, like most writers, I have one giant terror point. For some people it’s the writing. For some people it’s showing your work to friends, or to strangers. For some people it’s marketing in general. For me, it’s marketing fiction to editors. I don’t have a problem with… Continue reading

Minor Milestones

[amazon-product align=”right” bgcolor=”#99CCCC” height=”240″ width=”120″ frameborder=”1″]189749209X[/amazon-product] These are the milestones which I know, from experience, will seem piddly small in retrospect, but for me at the moment they represent surmounting a ridgeline and seeing the valley beyond. The valley might be filled with swamps, marshes, and tangles under the trees,… Continue reading

If You Build It, Will They Come?

Free content – particularly in the audio fiction space – suddenly seems a lot less of a perpetual free lunch than it did six months ago, and it’s got a lot of folks freaking out in my corner of the Internet. Providers are dropping like flies this year! Matthew Wayne… Continue reading

Big Press Day!

Amazing day today full of good press for your humble narrator. It started off with your humble narrator being interviewed live on Podioracket’s BlogTalk Radio show. Shortly after I wrapped that up, an interview I did last month with WNDR Radio posted, and hot on the heels of that Dear… Continue reading

The Year that Almost Wouldn’t Die

Some highlights and lowlights of 2008 This year, particularly the second half, has seen a lot of people turn very pessimistic about, well, everything. Yeah, the economy’s slowing down. Yeah, people like me are scrambling just to make ends meet – when money goes slow everywhere, it hits the arts… Continue reading