Released: Cold Duty

I am pleased to announce the ebook availability of my acclaimed Steampunk story Cold Duty: Selected Readings from the Diary of a Gelusian Repairman, which Steampunk Scholar Mike Perschon reviewed a couple years ago, and has since described as “Probably the best steampunk short story I’ve read.” In 1860s Manchester,… Continue reading

The Year that Almost Wouldn’t Die

Some highlights and lowlights of 2008 This year, particularly the second half, has seen a lot of people turn very pessimistic about, well, everything. Yeah, the economy’s slowing down. Yeah, people like me are scrambling just to make ends meet – when money goes slow everywhere, it hits the arts… Continue reading

Cold Duty runs on ClonePod

The folks at ClonePod liked Cold Duty so much that they ALSO bought it to run as a Christmas episode. You can find it by hitting this link here. Cold Duty: Selected Readings from the Diary of a Gelusian Repairman is the tale of a stable boy who gets caught… Continue reading

Cold Duty goes live

As covered by SFFAudio, my story Cold Duty is now live at SteamPod. Head on over to hear a tale of a 100-years too early scientific and technological revolution that happens because a stable boy gets caught working on a steam engine. Steampunk memoir – and a tale very close… Continue reading