Dealing In, Episode 11

Download Subscribe Welcome to the First of the Free Will/Next Ten Thousand Hours Feedback shows! This one is episode eleven of the Dealing In series of feedback shows, where I and several friends answer your emails and talk about whatever comes up. This time, I’m joined by Metamor City creator… Continue reading

Released: Silent Victor Paperback

At long last, Volume 4 of The Clarke Lantham Mysteries comes to paperback, featuring line drawings and new cover art by Kitty NicIaian. A detective with insomnia chases every cop’s worst nightmare… When a security guard disappears with a priceless Martian meteorite belonging to the Chinese government, and surveillance tapes… Continue reading

Released: Lantham Paperbacks

At long last, Volumes 2 and 3 of The Clarke Lantham Mysteries are available in paperback! The story which began with the cutting-edge biotech noir of And Then She Was Gone continues in Book 2 with hauntings, lawsuits, car crashes, and holiday relatives in the dark and friendly little cozy… Continue reading

Released: Ideas, Inc.

It is with great pride that I announce the release of my short novel Ideas, Inc., which Alasdair Stuart of…well, everywhere…called “Effortlessly funny, cheerfully dark, and tremendously strange” before he went on to say a whole lot more in this amazing review in SFX. Like the shorter Lantham novels, this… Continue reading

Free Will Studio Diary, Day 5

If you’re just joining this abomination-in-progress, I recommend starting back at Day 1, where you will find the rationale (such as it is) for this madness. Day 5 First Tuesday in quite a while where I haven’t been cloistered with other writers doing writerly things. Feels vaguely dirty. Decided to… Continue reading

Free Will Studio Diary, Day 4

This is the third installment in the Free Will Studio Diary. To catch up on the ongoing adventure, start here. Day 4 Monday. Original ambition to do 25,000 words in a day thwarted by a conspiracy of other folks wanting to use the house. One fellow in particular took a… Continue reading

Free Will Studio Diary, Day 3

This is the second post in an ongoing series detailing my week in a borrowed recording studio. The previous entry can be found here. Day 3 Day 3: Spent morning imprisoned in a church, forced to document an archaic bonding ceremony due to filial obligation. Managed to escape without acquiring… Continue reading

Free Will Studio Diary, Days 1-2

One of the dubious features of life in an apartment is that you’re at the mercy of the folks who live around you when it comes to noise. A couple of years ago, I acquired some new neighbors who, in spite of being thoroughly decent human beings, came equipped with… Continue reading

Released: Frock Coat Dreams

I am proud to announce my first steampunk story collection Frock Coat Dreams: Romances, Nightmares, and Fancies from the steampunk Fringe, which includes two brand new stories: “A Goblet of Fifty-Three” and “Sleep, Walk.” This will be the first of two or three collections this year of steampunk stories grouped… Continue reading

Released: On Matters Most Austere

Sometimes, I have bouts of madness. In 2010 at OryCon, a particularly whimsical bout of madness struck. I’d just gotten out of a panel on Steampunk and run into someone with a table advocating for public awareness of something-or-other, and it occurred to me that in the world of the… Continue reading