That Plateau Feeling is an Illusion

The following is intended for other writers working to find their stride. I hope something in the following meanderings is useful to you as you hash out your process. Fall is crazy, right? Halloween, Thanksgiving, School restarting, Christmas, RenFaire, Dickens Faire, conventions, festivities, and all those bleeding birds nesting in… Continue reading

Link Salad, Dec. 3, 2010

Time for your vegetables again. Here’s some of the fun stuff that’s flitted across my desk in the last few weeks. Crazy Silly Creative Things To start off with our garnish, you could do no better than watching this 3 minute video about what Welshmen really do with sheep. Don’t… Continue reading

If You Build It, Will They Come?

Free content – particularly in the audio fiction space – suddenly seems a lot less of a perpetual free lunch than it did six months ago, and it’s got a lot of folks freaking out in my corner of the Internet. Providers are dropping like flies this year! Matthew Wayne… Continue reading

TED of the Day: Creativity and Play

As we grow and learn about responsibility and darkness in the world, we often lose the ability to play at life, at love, and to take the kinds of risks that children take for fun every day. It’s an interesting paradox, because as our world gets freer and more prosperous,… Continue reading

Got a Curious Mind?

I’ve recently done another episode of the Curious Minds podcast in my continuing effort to spread the subversive gospel of artsiness and open source. Come on over and take a listen as host Josh Gough and I talk about Photography, 3D graphics and Blender, filmmaking, and teaching oneself how to… Continue reading