The Barbaric Ritual

Compared to ancestors in eras past, modern Americans are pikers when it comes to ritual. We tend not to like them when they’re formal, and we’ve gotten rid of most of them. But there are a few left, and of those there is one that is easily the most barbaric… Continue reading

Sculpting God: The Coffee Service (re-cast)

Download Subscribe Join me for a conversation with a quaint, friendly man about his unusual abilities. He’s a hospitable fellow who invites strangers into his house for coffee. He is alone in the world, and only wants someone to talk to–but he may just get more than he bargained for… Continue reading

Down From Ten, ep 17

Download Subscribe And now, Episode 17, in which Kevin and Jeremiah explore the uses for Vasaline, and Gerd has a secret. Story So far by J.R. Murcodk of V&A Shipping. Enjoy! Continue reading

Predestination, Episode 11 delayed

A good friend of mine just lost her father to brain cancer, and I have to take some time out from my production schedule to offer a friendly shoulder. I’ll have the episode up on Saturday, instead of today. Please pardon the delay. Continue reading