Furlough Bundle, Shutdown Fever

As those of you who read/listen to my stories might have guessed, I’m a very political animal, but I do not hew comfortably near the current position of either major party and I’m not close to any of the minor parties either. On one level, the current situation is a… Continue reading

And Then She Was Gone, Pt 9 of 18

This is the ninth of eighteen installments of the serialized edition of And Then She Was Gone. If you are not current, you can find the archive of past installments here.  New installments will post every Tuesday and Thursday for the next six weeks on this blog and to the… Continue reading

And Then She Was Gone, Introduction

Author’s Introduction Note: This introduction is included in the epub version of the serial which posts to the podcast feed tomorrow, along with the first chapter. THREE YEARS AGO, I read the opening of a hard-boiled short story at the Baltimore Science Fiction Convention, on the assumption that an audience… Continue reading

New Story in Escape Pod

Last April, Mur Lafferty was the subject of a fan-driven firestorm around at Escape Pod. The prevalence of lesbians in her magazine was raising a few eyebrows among both people who don’t like lesbians and people who wanted to see more gay men. As is the case with Internet controversies,… Continue reading

Cold Duty runs on ClonePod

The folks at ClonePod liked Cold Duty so much that they ALSO bought it to run as a Christmas episode. You can find it by hitting this link here. Cold Duty: Selected Readings from the Diary of a Gelusian Repairman is the tale of a stable boy who gets caught… Continue reading

Cold Duty goes live

As covered by SFFAudio, my story Cold Duty is now live at SteamPod. Head on over to hear a tale of a 100-years too early scientific and technological revolution that happens because a stable boy gets caught working on a steam engine. Steampunk memoir – and a tale very close… Continue reading