Predestination Wrap Party pub crawl!

Check out the details here. Come out with me and celebrate the successful completion of the Predestination podcast, and also the launch of Seth Harwood’s Jack Wakes Up! Continue reading

Bonus Content: Jack Wakes Up PDF

My friend Seth Harwood has his mainstream debut with his book Jack Wakes Up today, coming out from an imprint of Crown, the same publisher that picked up Scott Sigler. Some of you may not know his book, a modern-day noir thriller that is equal parts James M. Caine and… Continue reading

Book Review: Jack Wakes Up by Seth Harwood

Just finished Seth Harwood’s once-podcast, now-published book Jack Wakes Up. Here’s the skinny: In Jack Wakes up, Harwood gives us a new twist on the old noir heist formula. Jack Palms, out of work actor, is tapped by a friend to play second fiddle on a giant drug dealer. He… Continue reading