Site Updates

I’ve updated the Media Appearances and Publications pages, for those of you who want to be current on what I’ve been up to besides my podcasts and blogging. Continue reading

What is Truth? And What is God?

Well, my minions, The Reason Driven Podcast has brought me back to further inflict rational conversation upon those who chose to subject themselves to my sadistic ministrations. Up for discussion this week: What is God? Does worship speak to God, does it speak about God, or does it create God?… Continue reading

Got a Curious Mind?

I’ve recently done another episode of the Curious Minds podcast in my continuing effort to spread the subversive gospel of artsiness and open source. Come on over and take a listen as host Josh Gough and I talk about Photography, 3D graphics and Blender, filmmaking, and teaching oneself how to… Continue reading

New Apologia Episode

In a shocking turn of events, the Apologia crowd has posted a new episode, this one talking about the value and the pitfalls of skepticism. Take the opportunity to dirty your mind with this disgusting piece of friendly dialogue. Scarcely suitable for the net, I know, and your humble narrator… Continue reading

The Reason Driven Podcast

Are we created for God’s pleasure, or is he created for ours? That’s the question I tackle in this week’s “The Reason-Driven Podcast,” a series of thought meditations based around Robert M. Price’s The Reason-Driven Life, an excellent rejoinder to Rick Warren’s “The Purpose-Driven Life.” So, come on over, take… Continue reading

Linux Tech Talk Show

Your humble narrator appears on today’s Linux Tech Talk Show talking Linux, Science Fiction, and Podcasting. Check it out–or download the show directly! Continue reading

Corrupting the minds of the young

This week, your humble narrator guests on the Curious Minds podcast, talking about epistemology, worldviews, and curiosity for the benefit of younger listeners. It’s a pretty good show. The host, Josh Gough, is an articulate fellow and asks great questions, and it’s definitely worth a listen. Check it out here. Continue reading

Going Linux!

Continuing his unbending quest to turn the world into his own private fiefdom, your humble narrator will be appearing on the Sept 5 episode of the “Going Linux!” podcast – a show targeted specifically at people who are switching to Linux from other, less hoopy operating systems. On the show… Continue reading