Suave Rob in Paperback!

Well, ladies and gents and all of you sitting somewhere in between, it gives me ridiculous delight to announce that my pulp adventure novel is finally out in paperback. Suave Rob’s Double-X Derring-Do, a Short Novel of Long Odds. One Surfboard. Two X-Chromosomes. All Man. Climbing Olympus Mons put him… Continue reading

Released: Silent Victor Paperback

At long last, Volume 4 of The Clarke Lantham Mysteries comes to paperback, featuring line drawings and new cover art by Kitty NicIaian. A detective with insomnia chases every cop’s worst nightmare… When a security guard disappears with a priceless Martian meteorite belonging to the Chinese government, and surveillance tapes… Continue reading

Released: Lantham Paperbacks

At long last, Volumes 2 and 3 of The Clarke Lantham Mysteries are available in paperback! The story which began with the cutting-edge biotech noir of And Then She Was Gone continues in Book 2 with hauntings, lawsuits, car crashes, and holiday relatives in the dark and friendly little cozy… Continue reading

First Ever Unboxing

I must admit, I never quite understood the appeal of unboxing photos until…well, today. One of my voice actors, Michael Lemonjello (who plays Xylar as well as a number of bit roles in The Antithesis Progression sent in this photo of his paperback of Down From Ten, which arrived in… Continue reading

Paperback Releases!

For those of you who prefer dead tree to ebook format, I’ve got some excellent news: Down From Ten, Sculpting God, and Predestination are now in available as handsomely-packaged paperbacks. They’ll be joined in March by A Ghostly Christmas Present, Smoke Rings, and Silent Victor, and in April by Free… Continue reading

Released: Sculpting God

Sculpting God, the story collection that started it all, is now available for all e-readers. With the original seven stories, plus new behind-the-scenes essays for each story and an introduction about the genesis of the series, this is first of three volumes coming over the course of the next year.… Continue reading

Predestination in Paperback

Grab a pack of cards. Strap your pressure suit on. It’s time to head to the poker game that started it all, and the book that View From Valhalla called “lovingly detailed, well-written thinking man’s science fiction at its best.*” Joss Kyle is a one-time National Security Advisor who barely… Continue reading

And Then There Was Paper

It’s tax weekend, and if you’re like most Americans you’re madly rushing to get your forms (or extensions) filed. Of course, if you’re not American, you’ll have to deal with taxes sooner or later anyway. In either case, chances are you’ll hit the end of your weekend and be forced… Continue reading