Mysteries Galore (and A New Podcast!)

Well, it’s that time again. Time for podcasts of all kinds. This weekend will see a new Next10k and next weekend will see a new Antithesis episode. But today’s news is bigger than that, and its twofold. Dark Justice First, the inaugural Clarke Lantham Mystery, And Then She Was Gone,… Continue reading

Podcast Promos for The Write Stuff

Fellow Pod-People! I’ve made a few audio promos up for The Write Stuff, current book bundle at Storybundle. The bundle runs for about another eleven days, and if you or your audience is interested in the craft and business of writing, this is a must have, because…well, look what’s in… Continue reading

Free Will returns–and more!

Three years of questions. Three years of emails. Three years of all of you asking “When is Free Will coming back?” The answer is… Next Thursday. The first episode in the Free Will reboot will drop next Thursday. It’s been a long road, but we’re finally back. And it’s not… Continue reading

Released: Making Tracks

Some of you might have run across the sneaky early e-book release already, but this is the official announcement. Over the last few years, on this blog and elsewhere, I’ve gotten a lot of questions from authors and podcasters and other people wanting to either get into the audio habit… Continue reading

Free Will Studio Diary, Day 5

If you’re just joining this abomination-in-progress, I recommend starting back at Day 1, where you will find the rationale (such as it is) for this madness. Day 5 First Tuesday in quite a while where I haven’t been cloistered with other writers doing writerly things. Feels vaguely dirty. Decided to… Continue reading

Free Will Studio Diary, Day 4

This is the third installment in the Free Will Studio Diary. To catch up on the ongoing adventure, start here. Day 4 Monday. Original ambition to do 25,000 words in a day thwarted by a conspiracy of other folks wanting to use the house. One fellow in particular took a… Continue reading

Free Will Studio Diary, Day 3

This is the second post in an ongoing series detailing my week in a borrowed recording studio. The previous entry can be found here. Day 3 Day 3: Spent morning imprisoned in a church, forced to document an archaic bonding ceremony due to filial obligation. Managed to escape without acquiring… Continue reading

Free Will Studio Diary, Days 1-2

One of the dubious features of life in an apartment is that you’re at the mercy of the folks who live around you when it comes to noise. A couple of years ago, I acquired some new neighbors who, in spite of being thoroughly decent human beings, came equipped with… Continue reading

Free Will: Time to Try Your Hand

Okay, here we go. I’ve got the major and minor open roles collated for Free Will. If you’re interested in being a part of it, download the following PDFs, look over the information, and contact me about the roles you’re interested in. Major Roles Minor Roles It’s already shaping up… Continue reading

Why the Flight to Amazon?

Before I start, I should make something plain: I like Amazon–they’ve been incredibly, uncharacteristically work-with-able on a level that’s unprecedented in the publishing industry. I am delighted to have my books available in their store, I’ve had an excellent time working with CreateSpace for POD books, and very much enjoyed… Continue reading