Free Will and The Next 10k

Hey everyone– Quick update for you regarding the podcasts and where the hell I’ve been. Short version: Crudrat ate my life. Some projects, by dint of luck, show you all the cracks in the structure of your operation, and Crudrat has done that to AWP. Almost everything that could go… Continue reading

Sculpting God: We Create Worlds pt 1 (recast)

Download Subscribe This is the story of Rick. He’s a scurrilous, irascible scoundrel, with a heart of gold. Not in the sense of being warm and fuzzy and good underneath, but in the sense of having a heart totally devoted to gold. His favorite goldmine is his shop, an entertainment… Continue reading

Sculpting God: Angels Unawares (re-cast)

Download Subscribe Sculpting God opens with a story of an unusual cliff diving episode. In 1898, a woman’s body was discovered broken and battered at the bottom of a tall sea bluff in Southern Scotland. and the small town she lived in began locking the doors at night. Only one… Continue reading

Sculpting God re-cast

Sculpting God was my first podcast, and it became my first short story collection (the collection contains essays and poetry, as well as the stories). Now that the podcast’s original site is long gone, I’ve archived the episodes here, for your listening pleasure. Episode list: Angels Unawares The Coffee Service… Continue reading

World Debut: Soulless, by Gail Carriger (Audio)

Those of you who read my blog will have seen my review of Gail Carriger’s Soulless. There was something that I didn’t tell you in that review. When I read Soulless, I was so impressed with it that I offered Gail my services pro bono as a claviger…um…as a production… Continue reading

The illness has been beaten!

Well, I’m back. Voice functioning, body seems to be healthy again finally. Here’s what this means for you all, my loyal readers: I’m going to fix and drop Episode 13 of Antithesis tomorrow, probably late, assuming the congestion clears. I’ll start blogging again, with reports from SteamCon and some other… Continue reading

Lets talk about Sex!

Why is “Sex” capitalized in the title? Well, because it’s so much fun – and scares the hell out of so many people. The latest episode of Apologia features your humble narrator going toe-to-toe with one of my friendly neighborhood evangelicals, Apologia’s own Kevin Harris, on the topic of sexual… Continue reading

Sculpting God goes live!

Well, my aspiring minions, the first episode of Sculpting God is now live. I expect each and every one of you to go and listen – it’s a series of bedtime stories for adults, occasionally one (like this week’s) will be family friendly. Well, some of them will be about… Continue reading