Minor Milestones

[amazon-product align=”right” bgcolor=”#99CCCC” height=”240″ width=”120″ frameborder=”1″]189749209X[/amazon-product] These are the milestones which I know, from experience, will seem piddly small in retrospect, but for me at the moment they represent surmounting a ridgeline and seeing the valley beyond. The valley might be filled with swamps, marshes, and tangles under the trees,… Continue reading

The Pod Complex

[amazon-product align=”right” bgcolor=”#99CCCC” height=”240″ width=”120″ frameborder=”1″]189749209X[/amazon-product]It may be a minor thing in retrospect, but today it’s tickling my socks off. My first fiction print sales are now available from Amazon. The Pod Complex is an anthology of the best stories from the podosphere in genres ranging from mystery to horror… Continue reading

Buried Alive in an Anthology

I am pleased to report that the story I originally wrote for Philippa Ballantine‘s podcast project Erotica a la Carte has just sold to Circlet Press, and will be included in their forthcoming anthology Apocalypse Sex. Buried Alive In The Blues is the story of Irene, a widow who finds… Continue reading

First Lit/Phil article sold

Well, my friends (and enemies, and trespassers), I’ve just sold my first article that’s NOT about Linux. My essay “As The Gods Themselves…” about science fiction, religion, and the singularity is now online and available for download in PDF and MP3 format at The Journal Sci Phi. If you enjoy… Continue reading

Buried Alive In The Blues

My story Buried Alive In The Blues is now live at Erotica A La Carte. Head on over and take a listen. You probably guessed this based on the name of the venue, but this story is definitely not suitable for children. Enjoy! Continue reading

Site Updates

I’ve updated the Media Appearances and Publications pages, for those of you who want to be current on what I’ve been up to besides my podcasts and blogging. Continue reading

Double your dosage – Double the insanity!

That’s right, my little droogies, the time has come once again to partake of the LinuxJournal kool-aid! This month, your humble narrator has two articles on offer – one talking about the deepest needs of desktop users, and the other reviewing, in depth, the current crop of multitrack video editors… Continue reading

Linux+ Article: Blender and The Essential Blender

In this quarter’s Linux+ magazine, tucked between the shiny slick pages, is a little article that should tickle your fancy. Your humble narrator has written an excoriable piece about the loveliness that is Blender, and the book that tells you all about it, “The Essential Blender.” Take a look, enjoy… Continue reading

So you want to be a sound engineer?

Or a podcaster? Or just a bloke with a really sexy sound box? Well, look no further, my friends! Your humble narrator has told all in his new article. This month’s LinuxJournal contains all you need to know about creating a field recorder for podcasting, multitrack event recording, and generally… Continue reading

Distort the perceptions of others!!!

Welcome, my erstwhile disciples, and gather around for the newest exercise in computing obscenity. You see, LinuxJournal has just released another article of mine, and this time I actually lie. Yes, lie through the whole thing. It’s not so much that the information is not accurate – it is. Exceedingly… Continue reading