Gearing Down, Trading Up pt 2

In order to properly shop for a car, it’s essential that you do your research. The sales process is an adversarial one–sure, there are crooked car dealers out there, but even leaving those aside, it’s a predatory process. “Predatory?” I hear you say, “Isn’t that being a bit dramatic?” Not… Continue reading

Gearing Down, Trading Up pt 1

Driving. In all the world, it’s one of the finest things. I don’t mean driving in traffic, I mean driving. Heading out onto the open road, or attacking a mountain and forcing its roads to unwind for you. Feeling the physics, pushing to improve the precision. I treat driving like… Continue reading

Predestination and Down From Ten reviewed

Brian Clay has posted a very kind review of Predestination and of Down From Ten, as well as of Philippa Ballantine’s Weather Child and Scott Sigler’s new hardcover release The Rookie (which is, by the by, probably his best work and it’s a gorgeous hardcover). Anyway, Brian has this to… Continue reading

Book Review: Jack Wakes Up by Seth Harwood

Just finished Seth Harwood’s once-podcast, now-published book Jack Wakes Up. Here’s the skinny: In Jack Wakes up, Harwood gives us a new twist on the old noir heist formula. Jack Palms, out of work actor, is tapped by a friend to play second fiddle on a giant drug dealer. He… Continue reading

Glittering in the Darkness

I took a couple hours out of my mad scramble to keep up with revisions on Predestination to sit and watch through my dearest Christmas gift. Somebody got me Blade Runner: The Final Cut. This is supposed to be my professional blog, not so much a place for me to… Continue reading