Destiny of the Gods

Having discovered the magical power of creating new blog post titles by recombining words from previous short stories and novels, your humble narrator has decided, after much deliberation, to open the official “George Lucas Jedi Academy of Title Creation.” The building will sit alongside the “Joseph Campbell Memorial Plot Workshop… Continue reading

65,000 and counting

Well, that transition that was coming closer like a soul-hunter’s girlfriend has decided to take a u-turn. Some deep dark part of my subconscious got the bright idea to go all Dashell Hammet on the moon and I got sidetracked into a hard-boiled detective story in the middle of my… Continue reading

The big push

There are five weeks until the end of summer. In five weeks, I should have Predestination finished, except for a bit of editing. Closer now. It comes. The transition… Continue reading

Gatherin’ Rosebuds and other cliches

Don’t worry, I’m not going to subject you to recitations of Robert Herrick’s poetry…not until I have you strapped in the comfy chair and primed with the soft cushions! Umm…oh, excuse me, sometimes I get carried away. The first podcast is going to be a collection of stories called Sculpting… Continue reading

Tapping on the microphone

Test…test…is this on? Good. Most of you stumbling upon this blog probably have only found it through the rabbit trail of links from LinuxJournal or Blenderwars or ArtisticWhispers Productions. I’m a writer, and I promise: that’s not as redundant as it sounds. I’ve been writing since I first learned to… Continue reading