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And now, Episode 18, in which Sarah knows the rules for life, Edelle gets a hug, and Jeremiah gets religion.

This episode’s Story So far by author Blake Charlton, bumper by uberfan Mildred Cady.



  1. JD Hunny,

    You are quite the little tease!! Love the episode, you and your cliff hangers

    Can’t wait till the next episode!

    P.S. My Work Buddies all gasped as I “expressed” my disapproval of the end of the episode. I think I have to tag myself as “Not work friendly”

    Keep up the great work!

  2. This story gets better with every episode. I was torn between sadness and satisfaction about what happened. Keep ’em coming, Mr. Sawyer.

    Oh, posted my review on iTunes as well. Hope it helps.


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