All of you who’ve been in the game for a while, particularly, the EFF needs your comments. As happens with just about every kind of open access technology at one point or another, somebody is trying to grab podcasting with a patent. If the patent is granted, our community and other sectors of new media, are in for a world of pain and expense. As far as I can tell from what I know of the history, the patent is very likely bogus. The EFF has a current Request For Comments out, looking for prior art and other industry context. If you are a podcaster or podcasting fan, please take a moment to read the RFC and drop the EFF an email regarding this matter.

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  1. The slogan at says, “The leading companies rely on Volomedia.” The background photo is a wall of cover art from–ready?–podcasts. I suspect this rosy reliance relationship won’t last, not if these “leading companies” will have to start forking over royalties.

    As EFF presents it, this patent appears guaranteed to divide further the big money from the small. *sigh* Just when did it become the American way to crush the little guy?

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