Tihama arrow numbers

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Tihama arrow numbers

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The market value of Tihama Advertising Company shares is estimated at approximately 485.50 million riyals. The number of shares of Tihama Company is 5 million shares, with a capital of 50 million Saudi riyals. This is after the company's capital reduction measures that were taken earlier at the beginning of this year.
سهم تهامه
The price of Tihama shares today was 97.10 Saudi riyals, and the share price at the last closing was 97.00 riyals. The opening price is 98.60 riyals, so the percentage change in the share price is 0.10%. The trading volume of Tihama shares reached 223,711 shares, with a trading value of 22,234,013 million riyals. The average number of Tihama trading transactions is 1,923 trading transactions.

The percentage change in Tihama's share price over three months is estimated at 25.99%. Over the last six months, 23.38%. The percentage change in the price value of the stock over the last year is estimated at 51.34%. Since the beginning of this year, the rate of change has reached 26.53%.

The average number of Tihama share trading transactions over three months is estimated at 1,040.15 trading transactions. The average trading volume of Tihama over three months was 117,540.82 shares, with an average trading value of 13,248,207.62 million riyals.
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