noms de plume

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noms de plume

Post by JF_Erikson »

JF Erikson is a pen name combined from JF (Jack Fitzgerald) and Erikson (son of Erik the Red). I chose it because I was named after the first, and I wanted something a little more masculine sounding than my real name. I've always liked the nickname Jack but it does not work at all with my real name. (akin to if I was the brother of Suzanna Hoffs). I don't want to use my real name 1) because I don't like it, 2) I don't want recognition, and 3) another author is already using it. :oops:

I have been considering changing it to either Paulus Allman or Paul S. Allman. I'm not sure if either would fit with my genres YA Science Fiction (though I'm considering just going SF). I'd love feedback from anyone on which to choose and their fitness. 8-)
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Re: noms de plume

Post by JR Handley »

Pick your name by what fits your genre best. As a guy, if you wrote romance, I'd suggest that you use a feminine name. Otherwise, just pick something you like and could answer too if you ever went to an in-person event.
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Re: noms de plume

Post by jdsawyer »

I dig JF Erikson. Would be v. good for mystery, could also work for SF. Paul Allman (and variations) are less mentally sticky for me, and less punchy.


I'm digging deep into the art of metadata and getting the queasy feeling that I might need to do a pen name (or at least a variation on my normal name) for my mysteries. Oi.
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Re: noms de plume

Post by Edryan »

Not to be the guy who adds nothing but I misread "metadata" as Metallica (i'm very tired)and thought - that's cool, but it is totally off topic....
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