Throwing Lead: A Writer’s Guide to Firearms (And The People Who Use Them)
Series: Nonfiction, Writer's Guides, Book 1
Genres: Non-fiction, Writing
Publisher: AWP Nonfiction
Publication Year: 2012
Length: 318

Most people don't grow up around guns, but most fiction writers have to know about them. This entertaining, humorous, and accessible guide takes you from the very basics of gun tech through the social and psychological quirks of cops, crooks, spies, and other professional gunmen.

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About the Book

Mystifying. Frightening. The perfect medium for murder, mayhem, martyrdom, and mastery. A research nightmare, a continuity minefield, firearms in fiction spells frustration for writers everywhere.
But no more. Written by two veteran shooters, Throwing Lead gives you the low-down on firearms. From the history of hand cannons to far future energy weapons, this rigorously apolitical guide to guns shows you the how, where, why, and when of every major class of small arms—everything you need to build realistic action to satisfy even the pickiest fan.
Learn about:

  • Mistakes criminals make that spell their doom
  • Medical science of gunshot wounds
  • Urban warfare, snipers, and gunfighters
  • The tactics and psychological tools employed by cops and criminals
  • Period-appropriate terminology, and where it comes from
  • How to stay safe handling all types of guns
  • How to bend reality without breaking your audience’s trust
  • Tricks for creating believable combat-scarred characters
  • And much, much more…

Delivered in a witty, entertaining style spiced liberally with movie moments and true stories, this hilarious and grisly guide gives you everything you need to navigate the weird world of things that go boom.

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