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Blogging Antithesis: Days 25 & 26

Sorry I missed the blog yesterday. Wound up taking a break from updating a bunch of ebooks (putting AWP Corp. style sheets into books that didn’t have it yet–the company is updating the look of everything, which will mean a better reading experience for all of you). When I did, I got accidentally seduced (I swear it was an accident!) by the glorious weather, and wound up on an epic beach-hike that left me with some mild injuries on my feet, and that made me crash out early.

Fortunately, this all happened after I’d done a writing-and-reading shift and racked up an ever-so-humble 500 words.

Today, I was back in form.

Spent the morning shift cleaning up the Suave Rob 3 manuscript—this mostly involved fixing continuity errors that I caught at the very end of the writing process and hadn’t cycled back to fix, and compiling notes for the series Bible (and boy oh boy, has Suave Rob’s universe gotten populous and complicated with this book!)—and finally getting the book off my desk and out to the beta readers.

So, that’s done.

Took a break in the afternoon to go walking with the local brain trust. Got some nifty ideas for some fun stuff to do this spring–stuff that you guys are going to seriously enjoy (but that I don’t want to tease until I’ve got firm delivery dates I’m not going to blow).

When I got back, I dove back into the last of the ebook cleanup for the novels–turns out I’d missed a few things in two of the volumes that made them fail epubcheck–then I got back to work on Book 3.

Like the books before it, this one will be divided out into several parts (at least four, probably five), which cover different acts of the story. Today, I officially started winding up Part 1 of book 3 by closing out the Washington storyline on a nice little cliffhanger.

Then I had to dive back into book 2 and make a map for myself of where the other storylines left of (by which i mean, the other storylines besides the three I’ve been concentrating on so far–there are about 12 of them in total) to see if there are any more I need to pick up in part 1, and which ones can wait for part 2.

Then I got started with a new chapter bringing one of those threads into the rope I’m weaving to hang the characters with MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!….ahem…excuse me. Must keep the evil voice in the box.

Anyway, in the end, I got a lot of good notes done, but not a lot more writing. So, here’s my pathetic total count for the last two days:

Starting Word Count (yesterday): 39,847
Ending Word Count (today): 41,131

41,131 / 120000 words

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