Time’s just about up to get Dark Justice, and if you like mysteries, this is one you don’t want to miss. The variety of scenarios and venues are astonishing, the quality of the writing across all the books is fantastic, and the price is amazing.

With the holidays coming up, a lot of you are going to be on planes and in cars–or hiding from relatives–for long stretches of time. These books are all punchy reads, the kind that suck you in and let you shut out the world, only to leave you gasping when you resurface.

As of this posting, you’ve only got eight hours left, so go over now. Don’t miss out on this year’s best crime fiction bargain!

The Next Ten Thousand Hours, Episode 7

This week on The Next Ten Thousand Hours, Kitty flies solo!

Within you will find:

Kitty talks about sanity & solitude.
Reading: Excerpt from Suave Rob’s Double-X Derring-Do, read by Dave Robison
Kitty’s Corner: Holidays According to Kitty

And remember, the Dark Justice crime bundle (featuring And Then She Was Gone, and many others) is available until Nov 19- don’t miss out!

That’s it for us this week. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!

Dark Justice Audio!

The Dark Justice storybundle (which you can find by clicking on the link, or the banner at the top of this page, or the image at the bottom of this post) is entering the home stretch, and we’re still trying to spread the word. If you have a podcast, a blog, a facebook page, a tumblr account, a twitter account, or any other sort of obsession that might touch fans of nail-biting dark mysteries, now’s the time to spread the word.

Bring them the images. Bring them the audio.
Bring them Dark Justice!

NaNoWriMo Every Month!

Well, my new podcast about using NaNoWriMo to go pro is off and running over at NaNoWriMoEveryMonth.com.

It’s also now available on iTunes. The feed links are in the right sidebar–or you can just grab them here:

Currently, it’s running every day, and will continue to run every day, through about the third or fourth of December—and there will be some bonus episodes along the way. When I get to the end, I may discover more topics worth having a go at, and if I do, I’ll add more at that point.

Anway, if you’re doing NaNo, or thinking about it, or just wondering how you can get yourself up to the point where you’re writing every day–or if you want to know about how I do what I do–come on over and have a listen. Each episode runs 3-5 minutes, and I have loads of fun doing them.

In the meantime, remember, you’ve only got two weeks left to get the world’s coolest mystery bundle. 10 top shelf mysteries for one low price, with a full range of voices and talents from the relative newcomers (like me) to people who helped define the genre (like Lawrence Block). If you like dark chewy stories that’ll twist you up in knots, this is the one for you. Get it now at Storybundle.com!

More cool news coming soon!

Mysteries Galore (and A New Podcast!)

Well, it’s that time again. Time for podcasts of all kinds. This weekend will see a new Next10k and next weekend will see a new Antithesis episode.

But today’s news is bigger than that, and its twofold.

Dark Justice

First, the inaugural Clarke Lantham Mystery, And Then She Was Gone, is in a kick-ass bundle of dark chewy crime novels called Dark Justice.
Ten books in this bundle, by the likes of Lawrence Block, Kris Nelscott, David Delee, Julie Hyzy, Rebecca Cantrell, Dean Wesley Smith, Libby Fischer Hellman, Patrice Greenwood, and Melissa Yi. Top line mystery writers and up-and-comers, ten excellent books in all all, for a Name-Your-Price price. Click on the link below to see it all, and get the molar-bruising goodness in a raft-load of beautiful DRM-free ebooks!

There ain’t no better way to celebrate Halloween then letting the ten of us scare the living crap out of you with killers, plots, and conspiracies plausible enough to keep you up at night watching the window and listening for strange noises.

Grab it now. Click on the picture. You know you want to!

NaNoWriMo Every Month!

Every year I get asked what I’m doing for NaNoWriMo. This year, I have an answer.

I’m doing a new daily podcast about using NaNoWriMo to seriously level-up your writing career. The cast is called NaNoWriMo Every Month, and it’s podcasting now. Check it out!

Blogging Book 3 (Antithesis/Mannix)

So, I’ve got a big book in front of me. One that I’ve been avoiding for years because, frankly, I’m afraid of it.

When I finished writing Free Will (soon to be The Vindicators), I was exhausted. Elated, happy, triumphant, yes, all of these. But exhausted, too. I’d never written anything so long, so complex, and so multifaceted. I needed a few days off, and I took them. And then I made my big mistake.
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This is the final post in a series about how my recent search for the perfect pup perpetuted an intellectual penetration into the hidden and varied economics of the marketplace for dogs and puppies in the different regions of the west coast. If you’re joining this series in progress, you may want to catch up by reading Dogonomics and SuperDogonomics first.

To Buy a Dog
When the market offerings are thin, and the prices of dependable supplies of the breed you want are super-expensive, you can do a few things. You can head to another state. You can try to get a dog through the friends-of-friends network. Or, you can become a Craigslist sniper.

I opened tabs for each and every humane society and animal shelter within day-trip distance. I opened tabs for the five Craigslist sub-sites for western Oregon. I stuck them all on my secondary screen, and I refreshed them every hour (okay, fine, every fifteen minutes or so). Every time I found a lab mix, I sent an email, made a phone call, or sent up smoke signals. I didn’t get anywhere with any of them—even thirty minutes after a listing was too late. The dogs just kept disappearing as fast as they came on the market.

And then, I got lucky. Appropriately enough, it happened the day after I wrote the first Dogonomics post. I happened to refresh the local animal shelter’s page a minute after their daily update, and there, starting me in the face, was a gorgeous, smiling, six-month-old shep/lab mix. All black, with little white patches on her chest, and all smiles.

I was on the phone in a flash, asking all the important questions. Was she cat-aggressive? No. Dog aggressive? no. Kid aggressive? No. But she was really hyper and excitable, still needed a good amount of training, and would be a handful till she made it out of her teenage years.

Excellent! Can you hold the animal for me? I have to put my car back together, and I’ll be down in an hour. A fee, you say? Five bucks? I can deal with that. Here’s my card number! Take my money! Hold that pooch!
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Last time we learned that the price and availability of dog breeds varies a surprising amount between Oregon and San Francisco. A Labrador retriever (or mix thereof) can be had in the bay area for $400 from any animal shelter, on a few hours notice. In Oregon, even in the big cities, the going rate for a second-hand dog is $100-350, but your chances of actually finding a lab are somewhere between fat, slim, and none. If you want a lab (or any gun dog breed—or hound breed for that matter) in this state, you’re gonna be shelling out $3,000 or more for a precision trained hunting dog.

And let’s not mince words. $3,000 is a hell of a chunk of change, even for the world’s most companionable, cuddly, well-mannered, obedient dog. Those things are all important, too. Especially if you’re the kind of person who, upon hiring a mascot, proceeds to treat the mascot like family, gives the pup a nest at the side your bed, and adjusts your lifestyle so that you can accommodate the fact that you’ve basically acquired an extremely fuzzy, nose-centered, fang-bearing child who’s going to be with you for the balance of a lifetime that can stretch to 15 years or more.
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Big Antithesis News

Among the many things going on behind the scenes at AWP as I struggle valiantly to finish Antithesis 3 by the deadline, it has been decided (by those who know better than my inner philosophy geek) that The Antithesis Progression is a series that suffers from title sabotage.

Sure, they say, it respects the intelligence of your audience that you’re letting them share in the series of elaborate philosophy jokes that you call titles, but in branding the series this way you’re telling readers “I know it says ‘science fiction’, but it’s really Hegelian fanfic,” which basically turns of 90% of your potential audience.

This admonition, for some reason, is always followed by a half-spoken “duh!”

So, in the interest of not having the rest of my series bounced by a publishing house I helped found (because that would be WAY embarrassing), The Antithesis Progression is going to be getting a face lift to coincide with the release of book 3 late this year.

The New Titles
The series will be called The Mannix Initiative, and comprise the following volumes:

  1. The Recreants (formerly: Predestination and Other Games of Chance)
  2. The Vindicators (formerly: Free Will and Other Compulsions)
  3. The Statesmen (formerly: Avarice and Other Acts of Charity)
  4. The Escapists
  5. The Kabrakan

The Podcast
The podcast is still going on. I haven’t decided whether to rebrand it or not–that decision is low on my priority list, and I don’t know how to make it (though I’d love your input if you’re a listener–please leave it in the comments below).

The podcast will probably not return till Labor Day. We’ve had some terminal cancer in the family and a set of client deadlines slam down on us at the same time, and that’s left little time and mental energy for creative work, but the deadlines will be all behind us by the third week of August. If I can sneak in an episode before then, though, I will. (For the terminal cancer, “deadline” is the wrong term to use, but hopefully that one won’t come around for quite some while yet. It does make life unpredictable, though).

Fear Not!
Don’t worry, though. The philosophy jokes will remain IN the books themselves, as the titles for the “parts” of each book. They just won’t be on the cover where they scare people away.

I mean, given the choice, it’s better to scare people away AFTER they’ve already started reading, right?

Anyway, cover reveals for the rebranding will be coming out soon–and they are lookin’ pretty sweet!

More news before too long…


As will surprise nobody who read either He Ain’t Heavy (the most recent Lantham mystery) or Free Will (soon to be retitled: The Vindicators–see tomorrow’s blog post for details), I’m kind of a dog person. And, for the last several weeks, with all the weird shit going on in my world, I’ve started searching high and low for a dog.

(I like cats, too, but I tend to think of them as tribbles with pointy parts, and since the appeal of tribbles is their lack of sharp edges, I consider cats to be a sort of design-flaw-ridden beta-test tribble, and keep hoping for the bug fix release so I can upgrade. But I digress.)
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