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Currently Podcasting

People around the world use the National Novel Writing Month to provide the motivation to finally write that novel, strike the item off the bucket list. Some people use it to find out if they can do it, to find out if they’ve got what it takes to make a go as a professional writer.

In 2015, we showed how to use NaNoWriMo to build the discipline to launch a career as a professional novelist. Since then, The Every Day Novelist has explored territory from autodiacticism to zoology, all in the name of helping you navigate life’s difficulties while improving your craft, business acumen, writerly discipline, and aesthetic depth. We’ve seen dozens of listeners move from hobbyist to established professional, and hundreds more move from “aspiring writer” to actually living the writing life.

Everyone has a story to tell, and almost everyone thinks they’ve got a good novel in them. A few of us actually put the work in to find out. Join us!

Fiction Podcasts

…lovingly detailed, well-written thinking man’s science fiction at its best…with more twists than Chubby Checker… —View From Valhalla

Chased by bounty hunters, wanted by the mob, disgraced defector Joss Kyle holds the secrets to power in the solar system–and he’s about to disappear into the Lunar underground as the world’s superpowers are gearing up for the first interplanetary war.

This intense, character driven series weaves a tapestry of love, betrayal, loyalty, idealism, and darkness. Antithesis combines the best of family saga, political thriller, and hard science fiction to weave an epic tale of humanity’s first, most dangerous steps out into the universe.

Antithesis boasts an original score, professional soundscaping, a cast of over eighty voices, and gobs of bonus content Produced by ArtisticWhispers Productions

This show is currently in the Free Will phase, and on production hiatus. For the previous phase of the series, see the episode archive.

Down From Ten cover
Listen to the promo

A chill-filled, heart-warming tale of lust and love, laughter and loyalty, triumph and terror that will keep you guessing until the last possible moment.

…a brilliant, sometimes creepy take on a bohemian cozy…irrepressibly touching…

—Gail Carriger


They shared a dream of a place of beauty and freedom. Eight friends gathered in a mountain chalet removed from the grief and wreckage of their lives.

Now, trapped thirty feet beneath the snow, huddled together waiting for rescue, they hear the voices in the dark. They see the scratches on the walls. They share a nightly vision of memories, and shadows, and a mysterious power reaching in from the cold. When the darkness comes, can their friendship survive the power of their dreams?

Adapted from the novel Down From Ten, featuring an original score by Danny Schade and full-production soundscaping from ArtisticWhispers Productions, this production is intended for adult audiences.

Featuring the vocal talents of:
Tee Morris as Amos
Philippa Ballantine as Carol
Kitty NicIaian as Katy
Christiana Ellis as Edelle
Nobilis Reed as Kevin
Nathan Lowell as Gerd
Miss Kalendar as Sarah
Chris Lester as Jeremiah
Spinderfly as Amy
Gail Carriger as The Computer

Bedtime Stories for Adults

Originally released every two weeks, these full-cast productions each feature an original fantasy or science fiction story exploring a unique feature of human consciousness and aspiration. With an introduction to kick each one of and an author’s note to wrap them up, Sculpting God takes you on journeys of imagination and wonder that will keep you awake thinking, musing, wondering, and clutching at the bedsheets.

Produced by ArtisticWhispers Productions

All episodes:

Nonfiction Podcasts

Apologia cover

The Apologia podcast was conceived in 2006 by Zachary Moore, with the goal of bringing atheists and theists together in discussion in the hopes of finding areas of common agreement. At the time, the New Atheist sociological movement was beginning to grow, and many atheists were finding themselves engaging with others for the first time online in settings which typically devolved into contentious debate. Zach wanted to create a different kind of discussion experience, and has brought together believers and unbelievers from many different backgrounds to discuss a wide variety of topics.

Dan Sawyer (as Dan the Demented) leads his cohorts interviewing alt culture leaders, authors, philosophers, artists, scientists, and cultural scholars, and also delivers the occasional editorial. Along the way we poke fun at just about everyone, including ourselves. We’re intellectual, life-affirming, and occasionally Pythonesque. Featuring the Reprobates News, read by Hera-flea (daughter of Hera-tick) and the podsafe silliness of Jonathan Coulton.

While the feed has long since died, you can find all of the old episodes by clicking here.

Next 10k cover

Ten Thousand Hours.

According to popular wisdom, that’s what it takes to get really, really good at something. Music, writing, art, science, piloting. Pick your discipline, look at the professionals in it, and chances are they’ve had amazing amounts of practice. Maybe even ten thousand hours worth.

But if you’re an artist, craft isn’t enough. To make a living, you need to learn business, learn to think on your feet, learn from your mistakes, and keep learning your craft. And you’d better spend the next ten thousand hours doing it.

The Next Ten Thousand Hours is a podcast following the adventures of two accomplished multimedia artists struggling to bootstrap a publishing and production company, making mistakes as they go, and sharing the lessons they learn and the projects they pursue along the way.


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  2. Just listened to the ‘Goinglinux’ podcast, which is a very good podcast. So I thought I traipse on over and have a look at whats available. Listening to chapter 5 of ‘Antithesis’ 🙂 I like what I saw, and so far like what I hear. This is a new format for me, I’ve listened to a couple of other podcasts that tell a story, but I must admit I do like the style to use, I also like the blurb you do at the end of each chapter, in fact I find them almost as good as the story (sad I know). I’m a listener from England, and most of my work colleagues are to stupid, to realise what fun it is listening to podcasts, on what ever subject that may intrest them, so I’m sorry to say, I can’t get anyone else interested in this story.
    Look forward to listening to the rest of the chapters, and to see what else to do.
    Thanks for the effort, and for the fun!!

    Bye TryThat

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  11. Help! I’m trying to get all the episodes of Dealing In and some seem to be missing from the ITunes site.

    I’m enjoying and listening to Predestination. I now know that Free Will is Book 2. Is Dealing In Book 3?

    Elaine Charney
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