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    • "...irrepressibly touching..."
      —Gail Carriger, New York Times Bestselling author of Soulless
    • "...what Heinlein would be writing if he were alive today."

      —Sheldon MacArthur, founder of The Mystery Bookstore, Westwood

    • "Gut twisting adventure I couldn't put down."

      —Nathan Lowell, Author of In Darkness Forged

    • "J. Daniel Sawyer has the most amazing voice of any writer I’ve ever encountered."

      —Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Nebula-award winning editor of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

    • "Sawyer brings back epic, old-school science fiction and does so with the elegance, wit, and subversion he's known for. Essential."

      —SFX Magazine

Autodidact Resources

Tools for furthering your exploration of the universe.
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Fiction Reading Order

Clarke Lantham, Suave Rob, Carol and Amos, Hadrian, Ern, and Joss Kyle all live in the same universe. Here's how they fit together.
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In-depth explorations of seldom-examined facets of the marvels of humanity and our world.
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Passing thoughts, off-kilter ramblings, and behind-the-scenes musings from the writer in his natural environment.


Thillers, chillers, creative inspiration, provocative conversation, visions, and wonders, straight to your ears.


All the works and worlds of J. Daniel Sawyer that have, so far, escaped to plague the world.