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Autodidact Resources

Tools for furthering your exploration of the universe.
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Fiction Reading Order

Clarke Lantham, Suave Rob, Carol and Amos, Hadrian, Ern, and Joss Kyle all live in the same universe. Here's how they fit together.
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In-depth explorations of seldom-examined facets of the marvels of humanity and our world.
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Thillers, chillers, creative inspiration, provocative conversation, visions, and wonders, straight to your ears.
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Lost Days, Last Nights
Tales of Horror and Delight Between the timeless night that bounds our opening and closing curtains there stretches an all-too-brief parade of adventures, loves, ambitions,...
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50 by 50 Challenge
Time moves fast. You start writing in earnest in your early twenties, and before you know it you look around and you realize that you’re creeping up on fifty. It’s enough to make you want to move to a deeper gravity well just to stretch things out a bit. But …
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Deep Breath
We were heading over the highest, most treacherous mountain pass in the state. The road hugged steep hillsides on the right, and—at least in the...
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