Autodidact Resources

Tools for furthering your exploration of the universe.
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Fiction Reading Order

Clarke Lantham, Suave Rob, Carol and Amos, Hadrian, Ern, and Joss Kyle all live in the same universe. Here's how they fit together.
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In-depth explorations of seldom-examined facets of the marvels of humanity and our world.
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Thillers, chillers, creative inspiration, provocative conversation, visions, and wonders, straight to your ears.
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Surfing the Ground Beneath Our Feet
This is a preview for a new series will be a Substack exclusive, so click here to sign up now. A fortress once stood upon...
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The Great Flappening
This is the latest post in my New Year’s Series. While it can be understood on its own, it assumes a certain amount of familiarity...
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Guides to The Great Unraveling
Those of you who follow my series The Unfolding World (often these are New Year's Posts) will know that I've been talking in big terms...
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