Fiction Essays Technical Articles
The Shoes I Wore This Morning Fiction River: Visions of the Apocalypse, Jun 2016
Suave Rob’s Double-X Derring-Do Escape Pod, Feb 2015
The Faithful May Also Be Burned Walk The Fire, Sept 2012
The Open Source Woman Mirror Shards, Vol 2, Aug 2012
The Garden Pool Explorers: Beyond the Horizon, June 2012
Chicken Noodle Gravity Escape Pod, Dec 2011
Buried Alive In The Blues Apocalypse Sex, June 2010
Cold Duty: Excerpts from the Diary of a Gelusian Repairman Podthology, May, 2010
The Man In The Rain Podthology, May, 2010
Angels Unawares Podthology, May, 2010
Buried Alive In The Blues Erotica A La Carte, April 2009
Cold Duty: Excerpts from the Diary of a Gelusian Repairman Clonepod, Dec 2008
Cold Duty: Excerpts from the Diary of a Gelusian Repairman Steampod, Dec 2008
As The Gods Themselves The SciPhi Journal, May 2009
Technical Articles  
LinuxJournal Magazine  
Radio Dramas in Linux August 2011
Epublishing the Open Source Way July 2011
Calibre: Open Source Ebook Management April 2011
Philosophy of Distributions June 2010
Indamixx: an On-the-Go Recording Studio? June 2009
Mixing it up with the Behringer BCF2000 January 2009
Interview with Cory Doctorow November 2008
Load me up, Load me down: a review of the HP MediaVault Pro October 2008
Xtreme Illustrations September 2008
Hot and Bothered at Starbuck’s: The Cradlepoint PHS300 August 2008
Need a Script? (CeltX review) June 2008
How to Fake a UFO Landing: The Magic of Voodoo August 2008
10 Must-Have Firefox Extensions June 2008
An Ideal Appliance? Inside the Teak 3018 May 2008
Skype and Gizmo: Podcaster’s Shootout May 2008
Desktop Linux Must-Haves March 2008
Multitrack Video Editors Round-up March 2008
Portable Hard Disk Recorder Howto Dec 2007
Open Source Compositing in Blender Nov 2007
KDENLIVE is a Promising Work in Progress Oct 2007
Deep Images July 2007
Linux Video Production: The State of the Art Jan 2006
DVD Mastering with QDVDAuthor Nov 2005  
A Toolbar Trinity Feb 2008
Enhance Your Music Player with Rockbox Mar 2008
Linux+ Magazine  
Streamripping under Linux Apr 2007
Tips + Tricks: NFS emergencies Apr 2007
The Essential Blender: Book Review Dec 2007


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