All of my crime, litfic, and science fiction novels (and some of the short stories) occur in the same timeline, and they interlink with each other. If you, like me, enjoy reading through universes according to that universe’s internal timeline, here’s the order in which you want to read my stories:

Main Continuity
And Then She Was Gone
A Ghostly Christmas Present
Smoke Rings
Silent Victor
He Ain’t Heavy
Down From Ten
In The Cloud
Blood and Weeds
The Bodies in the Basement
Behind the Hypnotic Toad (forthcoming)
Death Flight to Mars (forthcoming)
The Open Source Woman
Train Time
The Briggs Defection (forthcoming)
The Man In The Rain
The Orinthal Deception (forthcoming) (prev. pub. as “Predestination”)
The Hartman Gambit (forthcoming) (prev. pub. as “Free Will”)
Hadrian’s Flight
The Reeves Directive (forthcoming)
The Singh Hegemony (forthcoming)
The Mannix Initiative (forthcoming)
Suave Rob’s Double-X Derring-Do
Suave Rob’s Rough’n’Ready Rugrat Rapture
Suave Rob’s Amazing Ass-Saving Association
The Resurrection Junket
The Wolf of Venus (forthcoming)

Not in Continuity
Ideas Inc.
The Auto Motive (forthcoming)
Tales of a Lombard Alchemist
Frock Coat Dreams
Sculpting God
Other short stories not mentioned here