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Studies in the art of creativity and story

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The Every Day Novelist

Guides on the art and business of pulp fiction.

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Writer’s Guides

Soup-to-nuts reference books for writers looking to up their game in these specific areas.


Series-based and standalone, novels and shorts, comedies and horrors, mysteries, thrillers, and whimsies.

The Clarke Lantham Mysteries

Disgraced ex-cop Clarke Lantham, together with his assistant and their ward, faces down the darkest corners of the San Francisco Bay Area in these dark and chewy hard-boiled mysteries.

Suave Rob’s Awesome Adventures

The universe’s ultimate double-X daredevil delivers on dangerous doings, faces foul foes, and amazes the universe with the antics of his Amazing Ass-Saving Association!


Sometimes, you only need one volume to tell a great story.

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Adventures for younger readers in the Heinlein Juvenile tradition.


Bite-sized delights, curated into full meals of wonder and shivers.

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The Lombard Alchemist Tales

In the broken down gambling town built on broken dreams and the blood of innocents, a lone pawn shop offers the hope of a better tomorrow to those who dare enter…for a price.

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The Empty House cover
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Tales of a Lombard Alchemist cover
Contains all seven stories

Short Stories

Fanciful, funny, twisted, and terrifying, these short stories of fantasy, mystery, and whimsy will provoke and delight you in equal measure.

Science Fiction

Control Room cover
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Buried Alive in the Blues cover
Chicken Noodle Gravity cover
The Faithful May Also Be Burned cover
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The Serpent and the Satchel cover


At The Edge of Nowhere cover
The Coffee Service cover
The Empty House cover
Society of Miserable Bastards cover
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Cold Duty cover
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These are other creative projects I’ve published over the years, in collaboration with other artists. Does not include podcasts, which you can find here.

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A Carriger Quartet