Parsec Committee: Recognize Full-Cast

The following is the text of an email I sent this evening to the Parsec Awards Committee. If you agree, please chime in in the comments. Dear Committee– A couple years ago, the categories surround podcast novels were modified so that single reader podcast novels were given their own category,… Continue reading

Parsec Finalist!

Well, ladies and germs, it’s official: Predestination is a parsec finalist. Officially we’re up for “Best New Speculative Fiction Podcaster/Team,” and, while it’s only *one* of the nominations I was hoping for, if i had to pick only one this would probably be it. Why’s that? Well, this one has… Continue reading

…In Less than Twelve Parsecs!

Six Parsecs, to be exact. I’ve been officially nominated for the Parsec awards in six categories – three for The Antithesis Progression and three for Sculpting God. For Predestination, I’ve been nominated for: Best Speculative Fiction Story (Novel Form) Best Audio Drama (Long Form including Independents) Best New Speculative Fiction… Continue reading