Blogging Kabrakan/Antithesis, Day 431-433

Hello and greetings and updates from the road! Growing up in the San Francisco area, I learned to hate humidity. Going to the east coast or the south or the midwest meant growing a set of gills. How things change! After two years on the Oregon coast, now that I’m… Continue reading

Etiquette by the Full Moon

A review of Soulless by Gail Carriger There is only one thing worse than having a soul, and that is not having a soul. Or perhaps having too much? I think I’m getting ahead of myself. To backtrack, I just finished reading Gail Carriger’s debut novel Soulless, now available for… Continue reading

Linux+ Article: Blender and The Essential Blender

In this quarter’s Linux+ magazine, tucked between the shiny slick pages, is a little article that should tickle your fancy. Your humble narrator has written an excoriable piece about the loveliness that is Blender, and the book that tells you all about it, “The Essential Blender.” Take a look, enjoy… Continue reading