It’s Drive Time

A bit of fun news. My co-author on Throwing Lead, Mary Mason, and I had so much fun doing Throwing Lead that we’re starting work on our next Writer’s Guide. After much discussion over whether to start straight in with Throwing Lead 2 or to get on with another one… Continue reading

Gearing Down, Trading Up pt 3

Car shopping isn’t just about practicality. It’s a chance to drive cars that are completely impractical–cars you would never buy because they’re too expensive, or they’d never work well with your lifestyle, or for a thousand other reasons. I took that opportunity, and took it in grand style, during my… Continue reading

Gearing Down, Trading Up pt 2

In order to properly shop for a car, it’s essential that you do your research. The sales process is an adversarial one–sure, there are crooked car dealers out there, but even leaving those aside, it’s a predatory process. “Predatory?” I hear you say, “Isn’t that being a bit dramatic?” Not… Continue reading

Gearing Down, Trading Up pt 1

Driving. In all the world, it’s one of the finest things. I don’t mean driving in traffic, I mean driving. Heading out onto the open road, or attacking a mountain and forcing its roads to unwind for you. Feeling the physics, pushing to improve the precision. I treat driving like… Continue reading

The Quest for Transport

Ah, car shopping. That magical time of life where you get to hop around the area, sitting in other people’s vehicles, fondling their shifters and clutching at their pedals until you finally get hauled away for turning Top Gear into a porn show. In between times, you get harassed by… Continue reading

Why I Don’t Drive an Automatic

I’ve taught about a dozen people to drive so far, and it’s not because I’m an adrenaline junkie or a glutton for punishment. It’s because, all things being equal, I prefer the company of people who are competent, empowered, and self-possessed, and there are few things in this world that… Continue reading