Released: Making Tracks

Some of you might have run across the sneaky early e-book release already, but this is the official announcement. Over the last few years, on this blog and elsewhere, I’ve gotten a lot of questions from authors and podcasters and other people wanting to either get into the audio habit… Continue reading

Podioracket Triple Threat

Download Subscribe To tide you guys over this week, and for those of you who might not have heard it, here’s the show where Philippa Ballantine, Chris Lester, and I podjacked Podioracket. Much silliness ensued — enjoy! Continue reading

Updates, general and specific

I’m stopping in to give you all a quick digest on my recent activities, which have been many, prolific, and at hopefully somewhat scandalous. First, the appearances. You can find me on recent episodes of Podioracket, The Dead Robots Society, and doing voice work as the German Army in Philippa… Continue reading

Predestination: Exit Interview with Tee Morris

Download Subscribe What kind of insanity have I wrought? What does it take to do something like this? What’s next on my plate? What does Tee Morris’s pubic hair have to do with podcasting? Give it a listen and find out as Tee Morris roasts and interviews me on this… Continue reading

Warning: Dead Robots Ahead

I was interviewed this week on The Dead Robots Society, where we discussed Predestination, producing full cast audiobooks, and the glorious delirium of writing. Hear it all here Continue reading

Interview at

I’ve been interviewed in some depth over at Please head on over and comment! Here’s an excerpt: The first book in the series, Predestination, deals with rigged poker games. Do you play? What did you learn from personal experiences that played a key role in creating scenarios in your… Continue reading

Book Review: Playing For Keeps

I have to say, up front, that I’m not a big fan of superheroes. Occasionally, a stand-out will come along, like the new Batman Movies or the first X-men film, that will stop me in my tracks and make me cheer, but generally speaking, the whole notion just doesn’t appeal… Continue reading

What is Truth? And What is God?

Well, my minions, The Reason Driven Podcast has brought me back to further inflict rational conversation upon those who chose to subject themselves to my sadistic ministrations. Up for discussion this week: What is God? Does worship speak to God, does it speak about God, or does it create God?… Continue reading

The Reason Driven Podcast

Are we created for God’s pleasure, or is he created for ours? That’s the question I tackle in this week’s “The Reason-Driven Podcast,” a series of thought meditations based around Robert M. Price’s The Reason-Driven Life, an excellent rejoinder to Rick Warren’s “The Purpose-Driven Life.” So, come on over, take… Continue reading

Linux Tech Talk Show

Your humble narrator appears on today’s Linux Tech Talk Show talking Linux, Science Fiction, and Podcasting. Check it out–or download the show directly! Continue reading