Principles of Contracts: Everybody Knows Peggy Lee (or should)

Preface: I mentioned this in the first post in this series, but because I’m going to be talking about some specific points of law in this post, I need to reiterate: I am not a lawyer, am not qualified to dispense legal advice, and none of what follows should be …

Bonus: Interview with Danny Schade

Download Subscribe Chris Lester interviews composer Danny Schade about the music for Predestination, his creative process, and the nuts and bolts of collaborative composing. Author J. Daniel Sawyer joins the fun. An informative must-listen for podcast producers and music aficionados. Enjoy!

Christmas Interlude

Heya everyone!
Merry Christmas/Solstice/Haunnaka/New Year’s/Saturnalia/Bacchinalia/Random Day Off Work!
So, the episode due this week has been delayed. I haven’t looked at the story in a few years, and discovered that it needed a major rewrite, which has taken me in some unexpected directions. Between that and the ramp-up for the Seminar I’m teaching at the […]