Dealing In, Episode Six pt 2

Download Subscribe Hey everyone, the final half of episode six of is here. Chris, Kitty and I plow through the rest of the piled-up mountain of feedback for the story through Episode Seventeen. This one’s an hour and fifteen minutes long. My cohorts and I deal with more worldbuilding questions,… Continue reading

Predestination, Episode 19

Download Subscribe Brittany is back, doing her best to hold things together in the wake of a national emergency during Cassy’s absence. Meanwhile, Doug sorts through his options while Joss secures some insurance for himself. Brittany is back, doing her best to hold things together in the wake of a… Continue reading

Dealing In, Episode Six pt 1

Download Subscribe Heya Everyone, episode six of dealing in is here. Due to my long absence a LOT of feedback had piled up. This one’s an hour long, and it’s part one of two or three. My cohorts and I deal with an epic email from a former drunk emailer,… Continue reading

Predestination, Episode 18

Download Subscribe While Jim and Ali chase down their job on Mars, their employer, Mr. Douglas Reeves, lays his plans for the future of the Lunar resistance. Philippa Ballantine, author of Weather Child, brings us the Story So Far. This week’s in-show promo is for her new book. If you’re… Continue reading

Predestination, Episode 17

Download Subscribe Percy Scott has some loose ends to tie up, which Joss Kyle has some plans to lay. Neither of them is aware of Bill Shelley’s plans, or how they’re about to make a splash in a big way. Then again, neither does his one-time friend and mentor, Douglas… Continue reading

Predestination, Episode 16

Download Subscribe With Cassy and Joss now suspicious of one another, and the Hartmans at each other’s throats on Mars, the powderkeg is primed. Tonight, the first spark falls. Kim the Comic Book Goddess and Heather Welliver join our cast tonight, while Dalya Massachi of of Writing for Community Success… Continue reading

Dealing In, Episode 4 pt 2 of 3

Download Subscribe Part two of the Sex Roundtable is here. This time, Chris Lester is hosting it on his feed over at Metamor City and we’re running it concurrently here. Consequently, this one’s got his opening credits on it instead of mine. This episode picks up the discussion pretty much… Continue reading

Dealing In, Episode 5

Download Subscribe We take a break from the constant sex talk to go over the latest feedback and…oh, yeah…talk about sex a bit. And geekiness. And all other manner of insanity. Stay tuned at the end where we announce the winner of the iTunes review contest. Enjoy! P.S. My illness… Continue reading

Predestination, Episode 15

Download Subscribe Tonight we see what happens to Cassy when she follow Doug Reeves into the church, and then we go Nineveh where Joss hosts the first annual Phalanx Poker Tournament, with contestants and spectators from throughout the colonies. What could possibly go wrong? Kitty Nic’Iaian, co-producer of Predestination and… Continue reading

Predestination, Episode 14

Download Subscribe What makes the Lunar colony work? The docks, that’s what. And tonight, that’s where we’re going, following Cassy on her investigation of the enigma that is Scott Walters and trying to piece together the clues to what’s really going on inside her own organization. It’s a long one… Continue reading